About the University of Leicester

Charity Status

Information correct as of 27 July 2022

The University is an exempt charity within the meaning of Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011 and as such is a charity within the meaning of Paragraph 1 of Schedule 6 to the Finance Act 2010.

HMRC Charity Reference number


Legal name

The University of Leicester

Preferred name

University of Leicester

Correspondence address

University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH

Constitutional document

Royal Charter


Members of Council - with information on other charities of which individuals are also trustees.

  • Mrs J Arthur – Leicestershire Historic Churches Trust, 233476; Harry James Riddleston Charity of Leicester 262787
  • Dr H Barton
  • Mr C Brown
  • Professor E Burke – OR Society 313713
  • Professor N Canagarajah
  • Mr M Cullen
  • Dr S Dale-Black
  • Mr G Dixon – Leicester Theatre Trust 230708; Malawi Foster Care 1160817; Company of Entrepreneurs Trust 1166513
  • Ms M Duke – MCC Foundation 1019171
  • Ms C Ellis – Sibson District Church Council (part of Parish Church Council)
  • Professor S Garrett
  • Ms R Jenkins – University of Leicester Students’ Union 1137811
  • Mr I Johnson – The Forbes Charitable Foundation 326476; Leicestershire and Rutland Mark Benevolent Fund 259979
  • Mr A Mamujee – Leicester Arts Centre (Phoenix Film) 701078; The Mamujee Foundation 1157918
  • Mr A Morgan
  • Professor M Purnell - Palaeontological Association 1168330
  • Dr V Sharma – Rainbows Children’s Hospice 1014051
  • Professor J Shaw
  • Mr T Tapp – International Senior Lawyers’ Project 1114502; The Centre for Tomorrow 1055908; Northampton and District Organists’ Association 274679; St Mary Magdalene Parochial Church Council, Castle Ashby, Northants (excepted Charity)
  • Ms C Thorogood (Wigley) – Nottingham College (excepted Charity)

For a full list of Council Members' Declarations of Interest or any queries please contact:

Mrs Vicky Harrison
Governance Office
+44 (0)116 223 1458

Financial statements

Find full audited consolidated financial statements for previous years.

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