About the University of Leicester

University members of Court

The Chancellor

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE

The President and Vice-Chancellor

Professor N Canagarajah

The Deputy Vice-Chancellors

Henrietta O'Connor (Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor)
Kerry Law (Professional Services)

The Chair of Council

Mr G Dixon

The Treasurer

Ms C Ellis

The other lay members of Council (11)

Mr G Acquah
Ms L Bartlett
Ms L Blyth
Mr J Chambers
Dr S Dale-Black
Ms M Duke
Ms C Ellis (Treasurer for 2023-24)
Mr R Madlani
Mr K Nagle
Mr R Tapp

The Registrar and Secretary

Mr G Green

The Chair of Alumni Association Committee

Mr M Cullen

The President of the Students’ Union

Archie Robinson

Total Members: 18

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