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Selection Committee 2022: Terms of Reference and membership


As an augmented Nominations Committee, the Chancellor Selection Committee provides oversight of the process to appoint a new Chancellor for the University.

The group will review nominations for the position of Chancellor and make a recommendation to Council, which in turn will make a recommendation to Court, in accordance with the established procedure.

The group is authorised by the governing body to obtain outside legal or other independent professional advice in order to carry out its role.


  1. To put forward and consider nominations for the post of University Chancellor based on the role specification
  2. To recommend to Council a nomination for the role of University Chancellor.

Reports to


Constitution and membership

a. The Chair of Council – Gary Dixon
b. The Treasurer – Ian Johnson
c. One other lay member of Council – Carole Thorogood
d. The representative of the Alumni Association serving on Council – Martin Cullen
e. The President and Vice-Chancellor – Nishan Canagarajah
f. The President of the Students’ Union – Rhiannon Jenkins
g. Four additional staff members* – Kerry Law, Emma Bunce, Henrietta O’Connor, Andre Ng
h. Two additional student members** – Nic Farmer (Liberation Officer) and Manoj Kanikanti (Activities Officer)

Total members: 12
Council members: 6
Lay members: 4
Staff members (four of whom not on Council): 5
Student members (two of whom not on Council): 3

* one academic member (per College) and one professional services member of the University Senior Leadership Team
** drawn from the Students’ Union Council


Registrar & Secretary, supported by the Governance Office


Five members, two of whom must be lay members of Council.

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