About the University of Leicester

Honorary Degrees Board

Terms of Reference and Membership 2020-2021


To approve or reject nominations for Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Honorary Fellowships; to ensure that appropriate awards are given.


1) To consider nominations for Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Honorary Fellowships.
2) To recommend nominations for Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Honorary Fellowships to Senate and Council.
3) To consider, record and address the potential equal opportunity impacts of decisions made by the Board (in accordance with the ’due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).

Reports to

The Board reports to Senate and Council in the form of reports following meetings, usually once per annum.

Constitution and Membership

The constitution of the Board is as follows:

a) The President and Vice-Chancellor (Chair) 
b) The Chair of Council
c) The Treasurer
d) The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International) – position currently in abeyance
e) The Heads of College
f) The Professor of Public Engagement
g) The Public Orators
h) The Chairs of the Equality Action Groups (positions added in 2018, in place of the Deputy PVC Equality and Diversity)
i) The President of the Students’ Union
j) The Registrar and Chief Operating Officer

All appointments are ex-officio and will sit on the Board for the duration of their appointment in their substantive post.


Formally provided by the Registrar and Secretary, but delegated to the Assistant Secretary (Governance Office).

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings normally occur once per annum, usually in the autumn term, with a further meeting taking place in the spring term if required.


The quorum for the Board is 5 members.


The Board has no resources.


The Terms of Reference are reviewed at the start of each academic year.

Membership 2020-21

a. The President and Vice-Chancellor (Chair): Nishan Canagarajah
b. The Chair of Council: Gary Dixon
c. The Treasurer: Ian Johnson
d. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International): position currently in abeyance
e. The Heads of College:
1. Philip Baker
2. Sarah Davies
3. Henrietta O'Connor
f. The Professor of Public Engagement: Turi King (added by Senate/Council Chair Action, Oct 2019)
g. The Public Orators:
1. Paul Jenkins
2. Graham Shipley
3. Nigel Siesage
h. The Chairs of the Equality Action Groups
(positions added in 2018, in place of the Deputy PVC Equality and Diversity)
1. Disability Action Group: Martyn Mahaut-Smith
2. Gender Equality Action Group: Pascale Lorber
3. LGBT Action Group: Manish Maisuria and Hannah Congrave
4. Race Equality Action Group: Neil Chakraborti
i. The President of the Students’ Union: Mia Nembhard
j. The Registrar and Secretary: Geoff Green 

In attendance

Secretariat – Governance Office (Alison Benson)

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