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Standing Together

Students and staff at the University of Leicester are Standing Together to create an inclusive and respectful campus for working, learning and studying.

Standing Together is a University-wide programme improving wellbeing through tackling unacceptable behaviours and supporting students, and the wider University community, who are directly and indirectly affected. Standing Together engages all areas of the University including academics, the Accommodation Team, the Students’ Union, the Security Team, the Sports Team and, importantly, students. Find out more about the background of Standing Together.

The animation below shows the behaviour we encourage and the support we offer at the University of Leicester:

The narrative thus far has been about standing together against unacceptable behaviours. The ultimate aim has to be moving towards standing together for something more positive.

The four areas of work under Standing Together are:

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  • For a full list of support services, please visit our Need Help? webpages.
  • If you need more information about Standing Together, please contact welfare@le.ac.uk.

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