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Israeli and Palestinian conflict

Joint statement from University of Leicester and University of Leicester Students’ Union

16 January 2024 

This continues to be an incredibly difficult time for many members of our community. The impact of the violence and conflict on communities in Palestine, Israel and the wider region are being felt deeply across the world, including by many staff and students in our own community.  

We remain saddened by the ongoing conflict and the loss of life. We are clear that the killing of innocent people is unacceptable and cannot continue. 

Like many world leaders we hope for a sustainable ceasefire and that talks will bring a peaceful end to the conflict, paving the way for permanent resolution.  

Senior University leaders, along with the Students’ Union, have been meeting regularly with staff, students, and societies. We are listening to concerns and will continue to do everything we can to support our community.  

We understand many of our community will want to support the humanitarian efforts. The Disasters Emergency Committee, which brings together 15 UK aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently in times of crisis overseas, has signposted which of its member charities have appeals to help civilians affected by the conflict. 

We support the statement made by Universities UK and continue to reiterate the need for mutual respect of experiences, views and perspectives within our community as outlined in our statement below, all of which still applies. 

We continue to encourage those affected, in any way, to consider the support available to them, at any time. 

Earlier statement, 21 November 2023

We have all been shocked and distressed by the devastating events in Israel and Palestine, and by the escalating violence in the area.

Our thoughts are with all those who are impacted, including those who have lost loved ones and those who are concerned about family members, friends or colleagues. We offer our deepest sympathies to all those affected. We support the pressing need for proportionate humanitarian consideration and we hope for resolution and peace.

We have sent communications through our all student and all staff channels and bespoke emails to directly affected individuals. We have been working closely with the Students’ Union, Student Support Services, and Schools to ensure the necessary support is available.

As a university we are clear that all forms of unlawful behaviour have no place within our community. We will not tolerate antisemitism, Islamophobia, hate incidents, harassment or any other unlawful behaviour. Staff and students can disclose, including anonymously, any such incidents through Report and Support so that we can offer support, assistance and take action where possible.

These are incredibly challenging circumstances, and it is vital that we continue to show mutual respect and compassion for each other as a part of keeping our community a safe and welcoming place for all.

We will take robust action on any unlawful incidents reported to us, and we support Leicestershire Police’s firm approach to dealing with criminal behaviour as part of any protests or demonstrations or any hate incidents.

The University has legal obligations to ensure freedom of speech within the law. However, we also recognise that the use of language which is protected under the freedom of speech can cause offence, distress and anger, and we will continue to work to minimise this as much as possible and support anyone who is impacted.

As a University of Sanctuary founded in the wake of the First World War with the motto “that they may have life”, we are compassionate in our response to any global humanitarian crisis in recent years, including the conflict in Ukraine, the earthquakes in Turkey, Syria and Morocco, and the floods in Libya. In every case we contact and offer support to those students and staff directly affected.

Student support

A dedicated page has been created outlining the support available for students (log-in required).

Support services (log-in required) includes guidance on submission of mitigating circumstances and how to access talking therapies.

Our partners, Health Assured, have set up a dedicated helpline to support anyone who is struggling with their mental health as a result of the ongoing events in Israel and Palestine. Please call 0800 783 8390 if you would like to access this. The service is free of charge to all our students and is available 24/7.

Staff support

Information on the support and resources that are available to staff can be found on our staff support pages (log-in required) or if you email

Report and Support

If you are a member of staff or student who is experiencing or witnessing unacceptable behaviours, you can disclose this, anonymously if you prefer, and find out what support is available to you via the University's Report and Support website.


Safezone (log-in required) is a safety app which the University of Leicester is making available to all staff and students. The app allows you to alert University Security via your mobile phone if you ever need urgent assistance or first aid, or if you have an emergency while on campus.

External organisations

Jewish students can contact the Union of Jewish Students for support via their Welfare Hotline on 020 7424 3288 and anti-Semitic incidents can be reported to the Community Security Trust.

Tell MAMA provides a range of support to victims of anti-Muslim hate or Islamophobia.

Any hate crime can be reported to the police and Victim Support is an independent charity that supports victims of crime and traumatic incidents in England and Wales.


The UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advises against all but essential travel to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories and has published guidance and contact details. The FCDO has advised that the Israeli government has declared a state of emergency across the whole country and that international borders (air and land) in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories could close at short notice.

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