About the University of Leicester


The University of Leicester – helping to build the future success of our city

We are a long-established and prestigious university with a rich history, soon to celebrate the centenary of our founding. We are open to all who have talent and are proud to continually share our knowledge and expertise with the city we call home.

Above all, we aim for excellence in everything we do. Already one of the very best British and global universities, we enjoy an enviable record of research discoveries, a flair for teaching innovation and proven success in broadening access to higher education.

At the University of Leicester, we are proud of the social, educational, cultural and economic contributions that we provide to the city, and indeed the country.

What do we contribute to Leicester?

  • Currently ranked in the top 40 UK Universities.
  • Consistently one of the most socially inclusive of the UK’s leading universities. This is based on our long-standing commitment to providing fairer and equal access to higher education.
  • We are committed to international excellence through the creation of world-changing research and high quality, inspirational teaching.
  • The National Space Centre and the King Richard III Visitor Centre are based on the expertise of our academics.
  • We are home to around 20,000 students who bring an estimated £729 million in added economic value to the region every year.
  • We are a big investor in the city, helping to transform and improve our surroundings.
  • A quarter of our undergraduates (500 per year) stay to develop their careers in Leicestershire.
  • Half of our medical school leavers and a quarter of our teaching graduates stay within the region each year.

Our campus masterplan

Our urban location does mean that our estate is highly constrained and any improvement to our teaching, research and student experience depends on making better use of the space available to us.

We are developing a new estate masterplan to deliver a 21st century campus at the heart of Leicester’s Educational Quarter which is open and accessible to staff, students and our local community.

We believe that modernising our estate through this masterplan – valued at £500 million – is vital.

We strive for a welcoming and cohesive campus experience that facilitates collaboration and fosters a distinctive sense of partnership between our staff, students and the community. We are holding this consultation to help influence this.

Our main campus is a unique asset. We are proud to be a genuine ‘urban campus’ university which means that we are very much a part of the city of Leicester.

What must our capital programme achieve?

To deliver a truly world-class urban campus, we want to:

  • Improve our research facilities, laboratories and teaching spaces
  • Create accessible spaces for social learning and collaborative interaction
  • Develop environmentally sensitive, digitally-enabled and world-class facilities
  • Help all disciplines to develop an academic portfolio that best expresses their strengths and opportunities
  • Provide a welcoming and accessible campus that prioritises pedestrians over vehicles
  • Create a ‘one campus’ feel based on high-quality public spaces

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