WHO's Genomic Resource Centre (GRC)

Educational resources and online tools for human genetics and genomics, including ethical, social and legal implications (ELSI).

Resource: World Health Organization: Genomic Resource Centre
Approach: Topic material

The Power of Comparative Genomics

This video discussing the use of genomics, a branch of genetics in which large stretches of DNA, ideally the entire chromosome(s) of an organism are studied.

Resource: The Power of Comparative Genomics
Age range:  14-16, 16-18
Approach: Video

Genomics and the Human Genome Project

Tutorials on genomics, the human genome project and the impact on society from the US Department of Energy. (Supported with PowerPoint presentations and available as PDFs.)

Resource: Oak Ridge National Laboratory: genomics
Software: Acrobat, Microsoft PowerPoint
Approach: Topic material (educational resources)

Educational resources for teachers and students from the site of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) of the US National Institutes of Health.

Resource: National Human Genome Research Institute
Approach: Topic material

Genomic analysis

An online tutorial on genomic analysis, including study questions and problems, from Phillip McClean's Intermediate Genetics site.

Resource: North Dakota State University: genomic analysis
Approach: Topic material

NCBI Education

Information and tutorials on a range of topics, including BLAST, Entrez (data retrieval) and PubMed (bibliographic information), from the National Center for Biotechnology Education (US).

Resource: NCBI Education
Approach: Topic material

Online Training - Bioinformatics

Short introductions to concepts in molecular biology and bioinformatics, plus links to online tools and resources at EMBL-EBI: bioinformatics.

Resource: EMBL-EBI: Online bioinformatics training
Approach: Topic material

Online Bioinformatics Tools

A set of simple bioinformatics tools for DNA database searches, statistical analyses and population modelling.

Resource: Bioservers
Software: Java, Javascript
Approach: Online tools

GENIE DNA Sequencing Tutorial 

A GENIE tutorial allowing students to revise the process of DNA replication and the components required to perform the Dideoxy (Sanger) method for DNA sequencing.

Resource: GENIE DNA sequencing
Approach: Group work
Genome browsers

Ensembl genome browser

Search the Ensembl database for nucleotide and peptide sequences with BLAST and SSAHA.

Resource: Ensembl genome browser
Approach: Online tools

GenBank genome browser

The genetic sequence database of the US National Institutes of Health, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences, from the National Center for Biotechnology Education (US).

Resource: NCBI: GenBank
Approach: Online tools

Vega Genome browser

The Vertebrate Genome Annotation (VEGA) database of vertebrate genome sequences, from the Sanger Institute.

Resource: Vega genome browser
Approach: Online tools

Genetics Education Center

Resources for educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project, from the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Resource: Genetics Education Center
Approach: Topic material