Virtual Genetics Education Centre

About us

The VGEC is one of several projects initiated by the GENIE CETL, at the University of Leicester.

It is a hub of evaluated genetics-related resources for teachers in schools and higher education, health professionals and the general public. It covers all aspects of genetics, including information about DNA, simple experiments suitable for all ages, tutorials, videos and links to other evaluated resources.

Mission statement

The Virtual Genetics Education Centre:

  • provides information and genetics education resources for higher education, colleges, schools, health professionals and the general public;
  • encourages collaboration in the development, evaluation and sharing of genetics education resources;
  • provides links to, and evaluates, sources of information and educational material about genetics;
  • explores innovative approaches to teaching and learning in genetics, such as the SWIFT project for example where Second Life is being used to teach some aspects of genetics in a virtual laboratory.

Thoughts on our resources

The cell cycle, mitosis and meiosis - easy-to-understand research material, explained better than most books and sites. Excellent stuff!

Jeanette - Student

One in a million. Very good for gifted and talented summer school - allows students to work independently and to input research data for a large number of students.

Biology teacher


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