Our University community has, like many, watched with horror as the Russian Government’s invasion of Ukraine has escalated.  

Our President and Vice-Chancellor, Nishan Canagarajah, issued a public statement condemning the Kremlin’s actions and offering support to the people of Ukraine, and our staff, students, and peers affected by the situation. 

We’re following advice from Universities UK and the Government to maximise our support in the most effective way. 

Supporting our community 

Since the crisis started, we have responded swiftly and compassionately, and have written to students and staff from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and surrounding countries, offering specific advice around financial hardship, temporary accommodation, visas and wellbeing. Uncertainty and anxiety caused by world conflict and events can occur at any time, to anyone, and so we have ensured all staff and students have been signposted to relevant resources. 

Our support includes: 

  • Mental health, welfare and wellbeing support and signposting for students through our Student Support Services and Students’ Union. Schools/Distance Learning Hub can provide academic support and advice, such as for mitigating circumstances. In a situation such as this, evidence for mitigating circumstances is not required, and will be agreed if students have been directly affected by these events.
  • Emergency hardship funds (log-in required) to support students who are financially impacted by the current situation and struggling to meet immediate living costs.
  • Free, temporary, emergency accommodation for students who are unable to return home due to the situation – contact concerned@le.ac.uk 
  • Staff support (log-in required), including our special leave policy (log-in required) and access to our 24/7 Validium helpline (log-in required).
  • Working with external partners including Council for At-Risk Academics and Citizens UK.
  • Adapting our Bright Path Futures project – which has been assisting Afghan refugees in Leicester and working with British Red Cross and the Home Office – to support Ukrainian refugees. It is part of our University of Sanctuary programme.
  • Planning to develop our established Sanctuary Scholars scholarship scheme, building on the programme we created to support Afghan refugees. 

How to help 

Explore our research 

As Citizens of Change, our researchers are dedicated to researching some of today’s most critical issues. Our five areas of research strength: human health, sustaining the world, cultural and natural heritage, social justice and inclusion, and space power and AI, allow our researchers to significantly improve lives and societies through the power and impact of their research. Find out more about our research

For all media requests, please contact the University of Leicester press office on 0116 252 2160 or press@le.ac.uk.

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