Information for General Practitioners

As part of the study we ask men's GPs to help us with the study. When men are recruited into the study we ask them to make an appointment at their local practice to have a blood sample taken (we will have sent them all necessary equipment with the exception of sharps). Costs for this service can be claimed and in many cases payment will occur automatically. See the FAQs for further details.

The information below is sent to a participant’s GP at the same time as the participant is sent a recruitment pack for the study.

 "The above patient recently attended the NHS Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme. At that time they were given a flyer about our research study and by returning this to us they have indicated that they are interested in learning more about the above research project. If you would like read more about this study, please visit our website.

If the patient consents to participate in the study they will bring a copy of the completed consent form to you to file in their records. At the same time we will have asked the patient to make an appointment with your practice to have a blood test as part of the study (all necessary equipment will have been sent to the patient together with a postage paid sample transport container to return the samples to us in). You will be able to obtain re-imbursement for your costs via the Primary Care or Comprehensive Local Research Network."

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