Our environmental sustainability masterplan

We launched a climate strategy in 2020 that outlines our approach to this climate crisis.


Reduce our environmentally negative impact. Read more about our approach to energy, travel and responsible consumption.


Increase our positive impact and offsetting. Learn more about our approach to biodiversity and student engagement.


Ready our people and campus for a changing world. Find out more about our approach to health and wellbeing and climate adaptation.

Positive impact

Teach and innovate for a better world. Explore our approach to education for sustainable development and our Institute for Environmental Futures.

Environmental sustainability is a complex topic. Most people want to make a positive change but don’t know where to start so our environmental sustainability masterplan is based on two key objectives:

  • To demystify this area through a clear, tailored communication strategy
  • To provide the physical and cultural environment to inform and inspire our stakeholders to innovate for environmental sustainability.

University of Leicester baseline carbon emissions 2018/19 (tonnes C02e)

  • A donut with the Leicester logo in the middle and images of  transport, a phone, books, coffee, a student working on a laptop, cogs, tickets and food surrounding it.Purchased goods and services: 73,175 C02e tonnes
  • Student travel to Leicester via air: 39,783 C02e tonnes
  • Commuting: 7,707 C02e tonnes
  • Business travel: 9,812 C02e tonnes
  • Raw fuel extraction and losses: 3,832 C02e tonnes
  • Student travel to Leicester via non-air: 1,138 C02e tonnes
  • Leased assets: 1,180 C02e tonnes
  • Investments: 819 C02e tonnes
  • Waste: 229 C02e tonnes

Icon which reads '4% 6014 tonnes' with a gas cannister next to it.Scope 1

Covers direct emissions from sources that the University of Leicester owns or controls. E.g. gas usage.

Icon which reads '10% 12926 tonnes' with a plug and lightbulb next to itScope 2

Emissions that the University of Leicester causes indirectly when the electricity, heat and steam it purchases is produced.

Icon which reads '85%, 104375 tonnes' with a hand holding money next to itScope 3

Emissions that are not produced by the University of Leicester itself, and not the result of activities from assets owned or controlled by them.

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