There are no grey areas when it comes to sexual violence.

At the University of Leicester and Leicester Students’ Union, we are Standing Together against all forms of sexual harassment, violence and abuse. We are also Standing Together for a better understanding of consent and a whole-institution approach to address these issues.

Since 2016, Standing Together has been the University’s initiative to tackling all unacceptable behaviours and supporting students affected by them. Through this initiative, we can offer one-to-one holistic support for students who have experienced or have been affected by any kind of bullying, harassment, abuse or assault, including all forms of sexual violence. We have a team of dedicated, trained Sexual Violence Liaison Officers to support students, provide options and make referrals where required. Through Standing Together, we are also committed to training and awareness activities for all staff and students, in particular, with this being the third year we have marked Sexual Violence Awareness Week.

For Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2020 (3-7 February), we are continuing the conversations around sexual violence and by hosting the Glasgow Caledonian University’s ‘Erase the Grey’ campaign banners on flagpoles around campus. We are encouraging all students and staff to have conversations with friends and colleagues about the content of these banners so make sure you look up on your walk through Centenary Square.

During the week, we are also re-exhibiting our ‘Let’s Talk About Sexual Violence’ exhibition in the Attenborough Arts Centre. Guided tours are available 12.00pm-1.00pm every weekday; booking is available by emailing

These campaigns are designed to challenge commonly held myths and misconceptions around sexual violence, and hopefully educate everyone around the realities of what constitutes unacceptable, and potentially illegal behaviour. This work may be hard-hitting and difficult for some people to be exposed to. Please take care of yourself when engaging with this material and seek support if required.