Erase the Grey

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Erase the Grey

There are no grey areas when it comes to gender-based violence.

At the University of Leicester and Leicester Students’ Union, we are Standing Together against all forms of sexual harassment, violence and abuse. We are also Standing Together for a better understanding of consent and a whole-institution approach to address these issues.

Since 2016, Standing Together has been the University’s initiative to tackling all unacceptable behaviours and supporting students affected by them. Through this initiative, we offer one-to-one holistic support for students who have been subjected to or have been affected by any kind of bullying, harassment, abuse or assault, including all forms of sexual violence. We have a team of dedicated, trained sexual violence liaison officers to support students, provide options and make referrals where required. Students can access support via the Report and Support disclosure mechanism. Through Standing Together, we are also committed to policy development, training and awareness activities for all staff and students.

The Students’ Union have produced a sexual violence guide to enable you to make quick and informed decisions when support is needed.   

Although the Students’ Union can signpost to specialist support they are unable to provide direct advice and support around physical and sexual violence.  

We are continuing the conversations around sexual violence by hosting the Glasgow Caledonian University’s ‘Erase the Grey’ campaign. We are encouraging you to have conversations with friends and colleagues about its content.

This campaign may be hard-hitting and difficult for you. Please take care of yourself when engaging with this material and seek support, which can be found using the links below, if required.

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