Room types

Unlike some universities, where every room is identical to the one next door, the rooms at Leicester vary considerably in size and shape. (Especially among The Village heritage properties where you could be in a spacious Edwardian bedroom with wood-panelled walls!)

We have six basic types of room - every room has a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and chair, storage, and wifi.

Single Bedroom

  • view of a single bedroomapprox. 950 available in The Village
  • approx. 20 available in The City

This is a regular room with the standard features listed above. You share a bathroom and kitchen with your neighbours. 

Single Bedroom with Washbasin

  • view of bedroom with washbasinapprox. 750 available in The Village
  • approx. 650 available in The City

This is the same as a Single Bedroom except... well, the clue's in the name - it has a washbasin.

Single Ensuite

  • view of single ensuite bedroomapprox. 1,000 available in The Village
  • approx. 1,000 available in The City

This type of room has its own private bathroom with a toilet, basin and shower. So a bit more privacy - but it's your responsibility to keep it clean. You share a kitchen with your neighbours.

Single Studio Flat

  • view of studio flatapprox. 20 available in The Village
  • approx. 100 available in The City

This is fully self-contained. You have an ensuite bathroom, as above, and kitchen facilities in your room.

One-bedroom Flat

  • approx. 10 available in The Village
  • approx. 20 available in The City

This is fully self-contained with a bit more space. You have a bedroom, a bathroom and a separate living room/kitchen. You're living the dream!

Twin Bedroom

view of twin room

We also have a very small number of Twin Bedrooms, which are our cheapest rooms. Like a standard Single Room, you'll each have your own bed, a wardrobe, a desk and chair, and storage and you'll share a kitchen and bathroom with your neighbours. The difference is: you get a roomy! (There are 20 of these, so 40 beds available).

Not all properties have all room types, of course. And while, in general, prices increase with the facilities in your room, the varied nature of our properties means that the price for any room type differs between buildings. Please see the relevant page for each property to find out what rooms are available there and how much they cost.

Shared kitchens and bathrooms

view of shared kitchen

How many people share a kitchen or bathroom depends on the overall layout of the property. Kitchens are shared between four or more students, bathrooms between three or more.

Small and large rooms

You'll see some rooms listed as 'room type (small)' or 'room type (large)' and these are naturally either cheaper or more expensive than regular rooms. Please note that this indicates the room is different in size to other rooms of that type in that particular property group. 'Small' and 'large' do not indicate specific sizes.

Adapted rooms

view of adapted bedroom

Adapted rooms (Single with Washbasin, Single Ensuite or Studio Flat) are available in Bowder Court, Southmeade Court and The Pavillions (The Village) and Nixon Court Blocks A-E (The City). These have optional seating, grab rails and flat entry. The ensuites and flats have an adapted bathroom with a shower. The flats also have adapted kitchens designed for wheelchair users.

If you think you will need an adapted room - or have any other specific requirements - please contact us at to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Find out more about accessible accommodation

You may be offered an adapted room to best match the room types you have applied for, even if you do not require the facilities.

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