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We are the home of experts. Our expertise is in every research paper we write, in every lecture we deliver. And it’s in every degree we teach.

Welcome to the University of Leicester

At the University of Leicester, we like to find answers to tough questions. Questions like: how do you hold an Open Day when campus is closed and we all need to observe social distancing?

For our Postgraduate Open Day on 26 March 2020, we moved everything online. If you missed that date, don’t worry – most of it is still here. Take a look around this page for lots of great postgraduate resources including:

  • Chat with our academics and staff online
  • Explore our facilities, accommodation and finance options
  • Ask our current postgraduate students anything you want
  • View our postgraduate courses and apply online
  • Find out more about the city of Leicester, your new home town
  • Find information on how to make your application.

Right now we can’t say whether our next Postgraduate Open Day will be in the real world or online. What we can say is that we hope you’ll join us either way. And we very much look forward to welcoming you to campus soon to discover exactly why Great Minds Gravitate Here.

Chat now

Got a question? Some of our friendly postgraduate staff and students are available for an online chat to help with any queries you may have.

Talk to our students and staff

Choose your postgraduate course

Find the right course for you and apply online. You can chat to a student or academic within your subject area.

Your accommodation


Our postgraduate accommodation is all self-catered and within easy reach of the campus and the city centre. In offering you a room that matches your requirements, we always try to group postgraduates together.

Find out more about our accommodation

Life on campus


The best thing about a digital overview of our campus, is that we’re not reliant on the weather. So sit back, and explore our campus where you will find out more about the library, social spaces, teaching buildings and the Students’ Union.

Explore our campus

City of Leicester


We’re hoping that you become a Leicester local, so here’s a chance to find out about your new hometown. To get a flavour, take a look at our insider tips and knowledge... by the time you move here you should know Leicester like the back of your hand.

Explore our city

Student finance


Effectively managing your money is an essential part of being a Leicester student. We know you will have a lot of questions, and we’re here to answer them. Well – virtually, digitally here.

Fees and funding options

Returning to Education

Charlotte studied for her Masters at Leicester seven years after graduating with her first degree. Now she works here, drawing on her own experience to help postgraduate and mature applicants. She's here to answer your questions about returning to study.

Ask Charlotte

Student Support

We’re here to help you, from before you arrive until after you graduate. All the advice, support and assistance you might need. Face to face or online. Obviously, today we’ll be taking that second option.

Student support and wellbeing