External examining

To ensure that the University's external examining arrangements are transparent, we publish the names and home institutions of our external examiners who are currently in post.

The role of an external examiner is to consider whether:

  • the University is maintaining the threshold academic standards for its awards in accordance with formal expectations at a national level
  • our assessment process measure student achievement rigorously and fairly and are conducted in line with University policies and procedures
  • the academic standards and the achievement of our students are comparable with those in other higher education institutions.

It is not appropriate for students to contact the external examiner for their course.

Term of office

The term of office for external examiners is usually four years. Extensions beyond this period are only permitted in exceptional circumstances and would not exceed one additional year.

External Examiner Handbook

This handbook provides information for external examiners for taught programmes at the University of Leicester. It contains information about:

  • regulations and procedures
  • duties of external examiners
  • how the University will consider reports.

The handbook is designed to supplement other documentation specific to the programme(s) for which external examiners are appointed.

Download the External Examiner Handbook (Word, 42kb)

External Examiner Report Template

During their period of office each External Examiner is required to submit a written report to the University at the end of each assessment cycle. The University uses standard report form for this purpose, which are available to download via the links below. Please note: that there are different forms depending on whether the programme being considered is Undergraduate or Postgraduate.

Download the Undergraduate External Examiner report form 2022-23 (Word, 57kb)

Download the Postgraduate External Examiner report form 2022-23 (Word, 56kb)

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