Environmental Sustainability


A Travel Plan is a package of measures aimed at reducing the adverse environmental impacts of transport to and from the University. It reduces over-dependence on single occupancy car travel by encouraging greater use of car sharing, public transport, walking and cycling.

It is a requirement of local Government for the University to have a Travel Plan in place. It is essential to develop our Estate and ensure that staff, students and visitors are treated equitably and can carry out their work conveniently and effectively.

Our net zero carbon target and external legislation require us to reduce the number of cars travelling to the University. You will therefore see a decrease in the numbers of cars able to park at our sites and an increase in the services, facilities, discounts and other initiatives that will make it easier for you to choose low carbon travel options.

The current Travel Plan

Since 2010 the University has operated a multiple-campus Travel Plan (PDF, 5MB) to encourage more sustainable travel choices by its staff, students and visitors. However, as the campuses have increased and developed since the original Travel Plan was introduced and through feedback from our annual travel surveys, it has been necessary for an addendum (Word, 7.9MB).

Management of the Travel Plan

Development and implementation of the Travel Plan is overseen by the Environmental Management Working Group.

Progress is reported annually internally to the Social and Environmental Steering Group and to Leicester City Council.

Further information can be obtained from travel@le.ac.uk.

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