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Dami Hastrup

Since graduating with a BA Business Economics in 2016, Dami founded MOONHUB, a virtual reality training platform with a fellow University of Leicester graduate.  MOONHUB’s mission to us empower and equip trainees and provide cost-effective solutions to their partners. They’ve trained companies from all industries including Just Eat, Chanel, and BNP Paribas. With investors including Google and Miles Jacobson OBE, Dami and MOONHUB have managed to accumulate a number of awards and honours including:

  • Forbes 30 under 30, 2022 cohort
  • The Progress 1,000 (London Evening Standard)
  • Sifted (FT) Pioneer of the New World
  • East London Innovator Awards

MOONHUB has also been featured in Tech Crunch, The BBC, The Evening Standard, Forbes, Sifted, The Times and has hosted key figures from different industries, including Prime Ministers and Chancellors.  It has raised over $3.4M in investment and Dami was part of the Google Black Founder’s Fund.

Dami believes that the determination and tenacity gained whilst studying is translatable to life after graduation.  He highlights that learning how to hone critical thinking skills enabled him to think rapidly, yet effectively in making key business decisions.

Dami looks back fondly at his time at Leicester:

“I learned how to creatively solve problems and learn new things whilst studying at Leicester. The modules and courses I undertook provided a good challenge that enabled me to test myself and understand where my strengths lie. The campus was always a fantastic hub to come to.”

The School of Business are proud to welcome Dami back in March 2023 as our of our guest speakers at the 2023 Career Development Exhibition.  Dami will close the four-day event with a talk focusing on his career journey including the route to MOONHUB.  He will share his thoughts on the current job market and key lessons learn to support career success, drawing on his experience as a successful business leader.

You can join Dami’s online talk on Friday 24 March, 5:00pm – 6:00pm here

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