School of Business

ULSB Black Excellence (UBE)

ULSB Black Excellence (UBE)

Using a research-led approach, ULSB Black Excellence (UBE) is a network of staff and students founded in 2019. The ULSB Black Excellence (UBE) group tackles the awarding, attainment, and satisfaction gaps of Black students at the School of Business. 

UBE’s core aims are:

  • To help our students to live up to their potentials
  • To addressing the awarding attainment and satisfaction gaps, which are quite significant University and School wide
  • To help our students maximise their university experience and gain exposure to exemplars of accomplished individuals, in particular (but not limited) to those of black ethnicity
  • Promote inclusive interaction between students and staff
  • Create strong support systems for networking and collaboration
  • Aid in Early Academic Orientation and Intervention

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