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Microbiology is the study of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. These organisms affect our health, food and the environment. 

Our courses

Biological Sciences BSc
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: C100
From the simplest to the most complex organisms, from the molecular level to the evolutionary development of species, the living world is endlessly complex and fascinating. This degree takes you across biological boundaries with the option to specialise in your second year.

Biological Sciences (Microbiology) BSc
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: C500 
Microorganisms. They might be small, but they tell us more about life on Earth than almost any other living things. You’ll learn how they’re both helpful and harmful, as well as the evolving role of microbiology in biotechnology, health and disease. This degree includes the option to change your specialism in your second year. 

Medical Microbiology BSc
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: C521
Infectious diseases account for a third of all deaths. It’s a hard stat to take in, but it’s why we keep studying the microscopic organisms that cause them. In this degree, you’ll learn how infectious diseases are caused, prevented, managed and cured – in both research and clinical environments.

Why study Microbiology?

It is a diverse, fast-moving science with many applications in medicine, biotechnology and the environment. It plays a critical role in the increase in emerging infectious disease and antibiotic resistance, climate change and combating the threat of bioterrorism.

What can I do with a degree in Microbiology or Medical Microbiology? 

Our graduates do great things. We prepare them for careers in research and teaching, as well as in non-biological professions. This includes business and management. Many graduates also use these degrees as a foundation for graduate entry into fast track medical courses. 

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