We are keen to attract outstanding researchers in all disciplines from the UK or internationally and we welcome applications from exceptional candidates with a track record of high impact research.

As an institution, we are investing heavily in our talent pipeline, securing our research leaders of the future, we have a track record of converting fellowships into full-tenured academic positions and we can provide guidance and mentoring for selected candidates in developing your research career.

What is a Fellowship?

A Fellowship helps accelerate an academic career and makes an impressive addition to an academic CV. It should provide you with additional professional and enhancement training opportunities, mentoring and other opportunities for you to further your career development. Beyond this similarity it is hard to provide a single definition of a fellowship. 

Research Fellowships and Early Career Fellowships

These fellowships provide recent graduate students with the opportunity to complete additional training in a field and/or support the continued development of their research. The fellowships aims to provide an independent research career through the funded programme of activity as well as enabling researchers to become leaders in their chosen field. The primary difference between these two schemes is that Early Career Fellowships are usually within a set period of time since graduation whereas not all Research Fellowships have a time limit.

What types of Fellowships exist?

As described above, Research Fellowships and Early Career Fellowships are designed to accelerate careers and assist researchers to achieve research independence through the awards.

Other fellowships exist to assist with re-integration following career breaks (e.g. Daphne Jackson Fellowships), providing travel funding for collaborative working abroad (Daniel Turnberg Travel Fellowships) or to translate your research to a different field (MRC Skills Development Fellowships).

Why would I want to do one?

A Fellowship can help to accelerate your career trajectory into academia. It provides evidence of professional development and a clear pathway to gaining research independence, a vital skill for successful academic positions. In addition, some fellowships are seen as highly prestigious and clearly enhance your CV and academic employment potential.

The Fellowship itself provides a fixed term funded position, usually far longer in duration than typical post-doctoral research positions. Salary, travel, basic equipment and consumable costs can all be provided enabling freedom and flexibility to pursue your research challenge. Fellowships also provide you with the experience of academic life without the burden of full administrative or teaching duties. If the Fellowship is completed successfully, there can be a tenured position to transition into as well.

Why Leicester?

We value our Fellows, and will work with you to ensure successful research and translational outcomes in the course of your fellowship. We're also here to support your transition to independence, with career coaching, leadership training and tailored developmental opportunities to see you to the next stage in your career.

If you are interested in applying for an externally-funded fellowship and would like to undertake your research at the University of Leicester, take a look at our research expertise: