Research Centres


Analytical infrastructure

Our world-class laboratories are critical to our ability to address our goals and key priorities and sustaining the Centre in the medium to long term will require continued support of the analytical infrastructure.

The labs have benefitted from significant investment from the University and external funders (NERC, Royal Society, University of Leicester REIF investment) and continue to stimulate and sustain research, including interdisciplinary applications, external collaborations and significant funding applications.

Our facilities 

  • Advanced microscopy and imaging, including the UK’s only dedicated dental microwear texture analysis facility for dietary reconstruction of animals; we have strong links to the College’s Advanced Microscopy Facility (Gabbott, Director of AMF is a member of the Centre), including a state-of-the-art Zeiss SEM located in GGE
  • State-of-the-art environmental stable isotope laboratory and preparation facilities to measure organic and inorganic materials
  • Optically stimulated luminescence dating laboratory
  • Taphonomy laboratory, for experimental analysis of decay and destruction animal remains and plastics.
  • Micropalaeontology laboratory
  • FIIR spectroscopy for the characterization of plastics. Our Centre also has strong links and applications in (laser ablation) inductively coupled plasma spectrometry (ICP-MS). A new post to the International Ocean Drilling Program office (IODP co-funded) will target palaeoclimate researchers in order to enhance its research output and that of the Centre in coming years.

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