Politics and International Relations at Leicester

PhD by distance learning

The PhD by distance learning is designed to offer an additional mode of study to those who seek a PhD but would find it difficult to fulfil the requirements of full or part-time study on-campus.

Successful applicants for this programme will require a good quality research proposal as a key condition of entry, as well as meeting the usual University and departmental requirements. They will be assigned supervision from the relevant department.

All distance learning PhD candidates, regardless of department, will initially undertake a structured programme of research training over the course of 12 months. The research training will consist of four mandatory modules, delivered through a combination of module books and interactive tasks, readings and discussion on the University’s Blackboard virtual learning environment.

Following the completion of the research training, you will begin to focus solely on your proposed theses, with supervisory support provided by telephone or electronically.

If you are interested in applying for a PhD in Politics and International Relations, please contact Dr Tara McCormack with a research proposal. Browse our PhD guidelines for producing a proposal.

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