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For further details about any of these event, please contact hypir@leicester.ac.uk.

HyPIR Book Club – HyPIR students and staff only

Date: 7 December 2022
Time: 12.00pm – 1.00pm
Location: Fielding Johnson South Wing, Ogden Lewis 2

The HyPIR Book Club will be returning to discuss Tansy E. Hoskins' Stitched Up: The Anticapitalist Book of Fashion (Pluto Press, 2022).

REELPOLITIK film club – HyPIR students and staff only

Date: 6 December 2022
Time: 15.15pm
Location: Attenborough Film Theatre

Past events

HyPIR crisis game 

HyPIR only event
Date: Wednesday 9 November 2022
Time: 10.00am-4.30pm
Location: College Court, Knighton Road, Leicester, LE2 3UF 

Join us for an immersive experience that puts you in the hotseat of history’s most dangerous nuclear crisis. Take your place in one of three teams struggling not only to win, but to survive. Get involved and learn the same simulation techniques used to plan real-world foreign policy. Negotiate with your allies and enemies to resolve the crisis. Use your creativity and cunning to win your country everlasting prestige. Your decisions really matter, shaping the crisis and forcing your opponent to respond. Our event is aimed at introducing students to political simulations - no experience is necessary. This process of collective story telling is managed and directed by simple, easy to learn rules and subject matter experts.

Book launch event: Original sin: power, technology and war in outer space, Dr Bleddyn Bowen

Date: Thursday 10 November 2022
Time: 3.30pm-4.30pm
Location: Brookfield Lecture Theatre 2, on the Brookfield campus.

You are warmly invited to join us for a book launch with HyPIR and the Third Nuclear Age Project on Thursday 10 November, 3.30pm-4.30pm, Brookfield Lecture Theatre 2, on the Brookfield campus. Dr Bleddyn Bowen is launching his new book this autumn: "Original Sin: Power, Technology and War in Outer Space", with Hurst Publishers. He will talk about the book for around 30 minutes followed by Q&A.

Book description

Space technology was developed to enhance the killing power of the state. The Moon landings and the launch of the Space Shuttle were mere sideshows, drawing public attention away from the real goal: military and economic control of space as a source of power on Earth.

Today, as Bleddyn E. Bowen vividly recounts, thousands of satellites work silently in the background to provide essential military, intelligence and economic capabilities. No major power can do without them. Beyond Washington, Moscow and Beijing, truly global technologies have evolved, from the ground floor of the nuclear missile revolution to today’s orbital battlefield, shaping the wars to come. World powers including India, Japan and Europe are fully realising the strategic benefits of commanding Earth’s ‘cosmic coastline’, as a stage for war, development and prestige.

Yet, as new contenders spend more and more on outer space, there is scope for cautious optimism about the future of the Space Age - if we can recognise, rather than hide, its original sin.

Find out more about the book 

"Wargaming in research"

Speaker: Dr Andrew Reddie, Senior Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley
Date: 7 May 2021 
Time: 3.30pm
Venue: Online event 
For further details contact: Professor Andrew Futter on ajf57@le.ac.uk

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