Terms and conditions

The University of Leicester endeavours to ensure that the content of its prospectus, programme specification, website content and all other materials are complete and accurate. On occasion it may be necessary to make some alterations to particular aspects of a course or module, and where these are minor, for example altering the lecture timetable or location, then we will ensure that you have as much notice as possible of the change to ensure that the disruption to your studies is minimised.

However, in exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for the University to cancel or change a programme or part of the specification more substantially. For example, due to the unavailability of key teaching staff, changes or developments in knowledge or teaching methods, the way in which assessment is carried out, or where a course or part of it is over-subscribed to the extent that the quality of teaching would be affected to the detriment of students.  In these circumstances, we will contact you as soon as possible and in any event will give you 30 days written notice before the relevant change is due to take place. Where this occurs, we will also and in consultation with you, offer you an alternative course or programme (as appropriate) or the opportunity to cancel your contract with the University and obtain a refund of any advance payments that you have made.

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