Dr Will Nicolson

Consultant Cardiologist / Honorary Senior Lecturer in Cardiology

School/Department: Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of



I studied medicine in Leeds graduating in 2001 and moved to Leicester in 2007. My clinical role is as a Consultant Cardiologist specialising in heart failure and complex pacemakers with strong research and education interests. Over the last 10 years my research into sudden cardiac death prevention has attracted £1.6 million in funding and has won numerous awards. I have supervised multiple MD / BSc students who have also won awards and gained high impact publications. I organise weekly educational sessions for junior doctors and am regularly invited to speak / run simulation sessions around the region.


Sudden cardiac death remains a major clinical problem causing 3 million deaths per year worldwide and yet it is very preventable with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. The limitation is in our inability to accurately assess the risk of sudden cardiac death. LifeMap uses novel electrical restitution based ECG markers to accurately assess risk of life threatening arrhythmias. In collaboration with Prof. Andre Ng and Dr Fernando Schlindwein my research has won numerous awards attracted £1.6million in funding and has been protected by two patents. LifeMap is an example of successful bench to bedside translation of departmental basic science research. Complex digital signal processing using MATLAB in collaboration with Engineering and Industry (Mortara Instrument Inc) is a cornerstone of the successful development of LifeMap. I am also working on improving signal acquisition with design company Renfrew Group International.

I have also acted as principle investigator for a number of mulpt

For further information on LifeMap please see: 


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I continue to develop my research into sudden cardiac death and I regularly develop further grant applications. I would be pleased to offer supervision and support to students interested in pursuing research in this field. I have successfully supervised two BSc medical students and two MD research students. My students have a high completion rate and have previously won awards: 2014 ISCOMS Best Oral Presentation Award and also runner up in the Heart Rhythm Congress Young Investigator Award.


I deliver weekly educational sessions to junior doctors using MS Teams. I also lecture medical students and on the MRes Physiology and pharmacology module.

Please see my YouTube channel if you are interested to see more: 

Press and media

I am a general cardiologist with special interests in heart failure and complex pacemakers. I would be happy to discuss / speak on any cardiology topic. I would also be happy to discuss my research into sudden cardiac death and heart failure. My research has previously featured on East Midland’s Today I am comfortable speaking to a camera.



  • 22 March 2010 'Method and Apparatus for Evaluating Cardiac Function' (WO2011117608) granted in China Japan USA and Australia; under review in Canada Europe and India.
  • 4 April 2014 'ECG Evaluation' (WO2015150831) granted in USA Japan Australia; under review in Canada Europe and China.


2016 European Heart Rhythm Association Inventor's Award, 

2014 College of Medicine, Biological Sciences & Psychology PhD award, University of Leicester

2014 ISCOMS Best Oral Presentation Award (Primary Supervisor to BSc medical student)

2012 Royal Society Medicine - Cardiology Medal President's Medal (finalist)

2011 Design Council - Innovate for Universities

2011 Young Investigator Award - Clinical, Heart Rhythm Congress

2011 Medical Futures Award - Best Innovation in Cardiovascular Diagnostics

2011 EMESP Masters Prize - Overall Winner

2011 Young Research Worker Prize, CardioRhythm

2010 Clinical Impact Da Vinci Award: £15,000

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