Dr Vincent Campbell

Deputy Head of School

School/Department: Media Communication and Sociology, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 5294



I have been at Leicester since 2005 having previously worked at De Montfort University (2002-5) and the University of Stirling (1997-2002). I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield where I was also a Graduate Teaching Assistant (1994-1997). After periods as Director of Distance Learning and Director of Learning and Teaching I am currently the Deputy Head of School for Operations.


My key research areas are science documentary and the study of political communication (in particular election communications in the UK) and journalism studies (in particular citizen journalism).


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I have supervised projects on citizen journalism political communication and a range of other topics linked to media and politics.


I teach on Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught programmes primarily in the area of political communication as well as contributing to modules on journalism studies and other subject areas.

Press and media

Elections and political communication in general (UK in particular) citizen journalism and journalism in general science documentary/science communication
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