Dr Victoria Cluley

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

School/Department: Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of



I am a Post-doctoral Research Fellow on the NightLife study to explore nocturnal haemodialysis. My research interest is sociology of health and illness with a particular focus on health and illness experiences ageing chronic illness and disability. I am currently working on the process evaluation for the NightLife study using ethnographic methods and photovoice to explore staff and patient experience. My previous research has focused on experiences of frailty learning disability co-production and public value. I am particularly interested in the use of visual methods and the application of New Materialism.

I completed my PhD in Sociology at University of Nottingham in December 2016.


I am currently working on the NightLife study - a clinical trial of nocturnal haemodialysis. This study is funded by NIHR.


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I am interested in supervising PhD projects that explore:

- experiences of health and illness

- the role of the body in health and illness

- biographical disruption

- the use of visual methods

- the application of post-humanism

- healthcare improvement

- experiences of disability in particular learning disability

- experiences of ageing in particular frailty


I teach on the Sociology of Health and Illness module for BA Sociology.

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