Professor Uraz C Tarker


School/Department: Computing and Mathematic Sciences, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)7340 888 097



Uraz Cengiz Turker received a BA MSc and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering (Sabanci University Turkey). He then conducted a post-doctoral research in Brunel University of London. Dr. Turker joined The University of Leicester in 2020. He is the team leader for DriverLeics (


Professor Turker’s research largely concerns model based testing. The importance of this research is that it allows the development of automated techniques (and tools) that generate efficient systematic test suites quickly on the basis of formal models that encapsulates the behaviour of the underlying software. Progress in this area can help industry to produce reliable high quality software. Prof. Turker has recently become interested in the testing of self-learning systems with a particular focus on autonomous vehicles.


(0) *Tarker, U.C., Hierons, R.M., Mousavi M.R., Tyukin I., Efficient state synchronisation in model-based testing through reinforcement learning. 36th IEEE/ACM  International Conference Automated Software Engineering 2021. (Availability badge)
*Khaled El-Fakih, Hierons, R.M., Türker, U.C.  K-branching UIOs for Testing Nondeterministic Finite State Machines Software Engineering, Transactions on, IEEE.
*Hierons M. Robert, Tarker, U.C., Parallel algorithms for generating distinguishing sequences for observable non-deterministic FSMs, ACM transactions on software engineering and methodologies.
*Hierons R., Tarker U.C., Parallel Algorithms for Testing Finite State Machines: Constructing unique input output sequences, Software Engineering, Transactions on, IEEE.
*Hierons R., Tarker U.C., Parallel Algorithms for Testing Finite State Machines: Constructing characterising sets and harmonized state identifiers, Computers, Transactions on, IEEE.

Full list (


I will supervise intereseted students in 1) Testing focusing on test generation from self-learning autonomous systems 2) Developping self-learning autonomous systems focusing on autonomous vehicles. Please send me an electronic mail to u.c.turker@[removethisfirst] for details.


CO1101 Computing Fundamentals CO005 Introduction to Programming

Press and media

Autonomous vehicle technology is almost ready for widespread deployment. However the public society is not ready to adopt these technologies. Developing technologies that support trust in autonomous vehicles has therefore a top priority. In line with this the community acknowledges the importance of automated testing frameworks that validate autonomous vehicles' trustworthiness. Dr. Türker will be happy to give a speech on the technologies that aid the trustworthiness of autonomous vehicles.


P.I.: Dr Uraz Cengiz Turker ( European Space Agency AIRBUS ""Enhancing Digital Twin (DT) technology using Self Learning Autonomous Systems (SLASs)"" Value CO.I.: Dr Uraz Cengiz Turker ( UKRI / EPSRC ""Trustworthy Autonomous Systems node- the Verifiability node"" Value £2923652 (EP/V026801/1) 
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