Dr Troy Lavers

Associate Professor

Troy Lavers

School/Department: Leicester Law School



I joined Leicester Law School in 2002 and then took a post a Senior Lecturer at the School of Law, University of Surrey from 2014-2016 when I returned to Leicester Law School. I completed my PhD in International Public Law in 2005, Extraterritorial jurisdiction of Economic Sanctions and International Criminal Law. I was a cofounder for the interest group Feminism and International Law under the European Society of International Law.

Currently I am teaching International Law, Foundations of Canadian Law on the LLB programme and Feminism and International Law on the LLM programme.

I am the Director of the JD Pathway LLB and head of Canadian Recruitment to Leicester Law School.


My research usually is in the area of feminism and international law and International Criminal Law.

After the publication of the book Feminist Judgments in International Law, the latest project includes workshops for international judges on examples and methodology of Feminist judging for international cases. Along with my co-editor Loveday Hodson, we did a workshop for Judges of various courts and tribunals in the Hague July 2023. We plan more workshops in the future.

  • International Public Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • Extraterritorial jurisdiction
  • Feminist Perspective of International Law.


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I welcome proposals in following areas of international law

  • Jurisdiction in international law
  • Feminism in international law
  • International criminal law
  • International organisations


International Law LW3280

Foundations of Canadian Law LW2181

Feminism and International Law LW7067


BSc (Memorial University), BComm, (Dalhousie University) LLM and PhD (University of Kent)

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