Dr Tom Jelly



Dr. Jelly holds a BEng (Hons.) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Glasgow and a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics from Imperial College London. He worked as a Research Fellow at the Universities of Cambridge, Glasgow and Melbourne before joining the School of Engineering as a Lecturer in early 2022.


Dr. Jelly's main research interest is the numerical investigation of turbulent flow phenomena.

Current research activities include:

 - Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer. 
 - Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flow over rough surfaces. 
 - Large-eddy simulations of turbo-machinery flows. 
 - Physics of pulsatile turbulent flows. 
 - Turbulent drag reduction by superhydrophobic surfaces.



Y Xia, WA Rowin, TO Jelly, I Marusic, N Hutchins (2022), Investigation of cold-wire spatial and temporal resolution issues in thermal turbulent boundary layers, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 94, 108926

TO Jelly, RC Chin, SJ Illingworth, JP Monty, I Marusic, A Ooi (2020), A direct comparison of pulsatile and non-pulsatile rough-wall turbulent pipe flow, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 895

Z Cheng, TO Jelly, SJ Illingworth, I Marusic, ASH Ooi (2020), Forcing frequency effects on turbulence dynamics in pulsatile pipe flow, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 82, 108538

A Busse, TO Jelly (2020), Influence of surface anisotropy on turbulent flow over irregular roughness, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion 104 (2), 331-354

TO Jelly, A Busse (2019), Reynolds number dependence of Reynolds and dispersive stresses in turbulent channel flow past irregular near-Gaussian roughness, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 80, 108485

TO Jelly, A Busse (2018), Reynolds and dispersive shear stress contributions above highly skewed roughness, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 852, 710-724

TO Jelly, IJ Day, L Di Mare (2017), Phase-averaged flow statistics in compressors using a rotated hot-wire technique, Experiments in Fluids 58 (5), 1-17

L Di Mare, TO Jelly, IJ Day (2017), Angular response of hot wire probes, Measurement Science and Technology 28 (3), 035303

J Lee, TO Jelly, TA Zaki (2015), Effect of Reynolds number on turbulent drag reduction by superhydrophobic surface textures, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion 95 (2), 277-300

TO Jelly, SY Jung, TA Zaki (2014), Turbulence and skin friction modification in channel flow with streamwise-aligned superhydrophobic surface texture, Physics of Fluids 26 (9), 095102



Dr. Jelly seeks motivated individuals to conduct computational research on the following topics:

Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer.
Turbulent flow.
Aero- and hydro-dynamics.


EG1101 Mechanical Engineering
EG2004 Engineering Experimentation and Analysis


Member of the United Kingdom Turbulence Consortium (UKTC)
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