Dr Tiffany Barry

Associate Professor in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry; Director of Research

School/Department: Geography Geology and the Environment, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3628



I first came to the University of Leicester in 1995, as a PhD student, to work on a project about the origins of basaltic volcanism in Mongolia. Following 10 years of continuously funded research in other UK institutes, I then returned to Leicester as a NERC funded Independent Research Fellow, before moving to a permanent position here in 2015. My research focusses on the application of analytical geochemistry to address challenging, new questions of magmatism. Since my PhD, I have maintained an ongoing interest in the enigmatic volcanism of East Asia, but due to my fondness of figuring out new ways to analyse, or improve analyses, of magmatic rocks, I have been fortunate to work across many disciplines, with far reaching collaborations (e.g. on super-eruptions, impact events, the Anthropocene, critical metals, and now to helping map the surface of Mercury). I teach on a range of modules involving geochemistry, and my first love, fieldwork.


Overall, my research has involved the application of geochemistry to address fundamental questions of magmatic processes with particular interest in:

Mantle dynamics: how the mantle mixes and stirs. Using geochemistry (Hf-Nd-Pb isotopes) and 3D spherical numerical modelling to examine fundamental questions of long-lived geochemical features. 

Intraplate volcanism: the why and the how? From the big to the small, using volcanology and geochemistry (wholerock (LA-ICP-MS), radiogenic isotopes and 40Ar/39Ar dating), to understand how the mantle and crust interact. 

And more recently, in the chemistry and genesis of rocks on the surface of Mercury. Using novel satellite instrumentation and advanced synthetic technologies to measure and replicate rocks from the smallest, but least understood of our terrestrial planet.

Currently funded research projects are:

  • A fresh look at catastrophic impact-cratering: how do melt-bearing impact-deposits form? (NERC with Mike Branney; RA Ben Clarke)
  • Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the San Luis Potosi Volcanic Field (SLPVF) (Royal Society, Newton Advanced with Dr Sanjeet Kumar)

And current PhD projects are:

  • Relating changes in melt genesis to dynamic conditions of the demise of a continental arc: Antarctic Peninsula arc (NERC DTP CENTA with Katie Baumber)
  • Mercury’s surface composition – from global to local scales (UoL Future 100 with Adam Fox)
  • Unpicking global mantle convection influences from the local: investigating asthenospheric versus lithospheric constraints on the evolution of landscapes (NERC DTP CENTA with Alex Rutson)
  • Catastrophic emplacement and depositional processes during large asteroid impacts: lithofacies analysis and applied volcanology, Manicouagan (Canada) and Chicxulub (Mexico) (NERC DTP CENTA with Dan Bowden-Haynes)
  • Eruption source vents and subsidence patterns in exhumed caldera volcanoes, English Lake District (NERC DTP CENTA with Ed McGowan)




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PhD project supervision (with start date) (*first supervisor):

*2023: Katie Baumber. NERC CENTA-funded.
Relating changes in melt genesis to dynamic conditions of the demise of a continental arc: Antarctic Peninsula arc

2022: Adam Fox. UoL Future 100 scholarship. Collaborative with Physics & Astronomy
Mercury’s surface composition – from global to local scales

*2021: Alex Rutson. NERC CENTA-Flagship funded project with Halliburton
Unpicking global mantle convection influences from the local: investigating asthenospheric versus lithospheric constraints on the evolution of landscapes

2021: Daniel Bowden-Haynes. NERC CENTA-funded
Catastrophic emplacement and depositional processes during large asteroid impacts: lithofacies analysis and applied volcanology, Manicouagan (Canada) and Chicxulub (Mexico)

*2020: Edward McGowen. NERC CENTA-funded
Eruption source vents and subsidence patterns in exhumed caldera volcanoes, English Lake District

2020: Tayyaba Khurram
Evaluating the shale gas potential of Carboniferous Bowland-Hodder Shales in Britain

2019: Bethan McCarroll. NERC CENTA-funded
Impact-cratering in Scotland: field investigation of the emplacement, sedimentology and environmental effects of a major impact-event

2018: Cara Wells. NERC CENTA-funded
Melt fragmentation during giant impact events: a volcanological approach

2018: Chenshi Gan. Visiting PhD scholarship from China Scholarship Council
The genesis and implication of the Mesozoic intraplate magmatism in the South China Block

*2017: Martha Papadopoulou. University of Leicester funded
Investigating the long term evolution of intraplate basalt magmatism in Mongolia

2017: Yannick Withoos. NERC CENTA-funded
Hazardous explosive eruptions at a flooded caldera volcano, Philippines

*2017: Lewis Banks. CASE-NERC studentship funding with CETAC Technologies
Advancing micro-analytical isotopic and trace-element ICP-MS techniques for future applications to ore genesis and exploration

2017: Laura Ward. CASE studentship NERC CENTA-funded
Crustal controls on craton-margin magmatic ore deposits: insights from south-eastern Africa

2017: Darío Torres Sánchez. Royal Society Advanced Fellow funding with Dr Sanjeet Kumar Verma Geochemistry, petrogenesis and geochronology of San Miguelito Volcanic Complex, San Luis Potosi Volcanic Field, Mexico

2016: Daryl Blanks. Industry (Consolidated Nickel Mines-University of Leicester funded) 
The nature and genesis of the Munali nickel sulfide megabreccia deposit, Zambia

2015: Simone Cogliati. Industry-Open University funded
Tracking excess argon as a proxy for degassing of silicic magma chambers by Ar/Ar laserprobe

2012: Sam Cox. BGS-University of Leicester-funded, joint with Maths
Finite element methods for modelling mantle dynamics backward in time: finding the most likely scenario

*2012: Thomas Sheldrick. Self-funded student at the University of Leicester
Extensive Mesozoic magmatism across Mongolia: was it driven by crust or mantle processes?

*2012: Adrian Band. NERC-funded at University of Leicester
Investigating Early Palaeozoic mantle processes: a study of Rheic Ocean ophiolites

2010: Elizabeth Cramer. Sindri industry funded at the Open University
Understanding 40Ar/39Ar age variations in basaltic lava flows

2006: Rebecca Williams. NERC funded at University of Leicester
Emplacement of hot catastrophic density currents over irregular topography: the volcanology of a recent low aspect-ratio rheomorphic ignimbrite on the island of Pantelleria, Straits of Sicily

2006: Alison Hunt. NERC funded at Open University
Deciphering the tectonics of central Asia from intra-plate volcanism

2006: Patricia Clay. Open University funded 
Ar-Ar dating of young volcanic rocks: arcane isotopes and how to unravel them

2005: Ben Ellis. NERC funded University of Leicester
Physical volcanology of explosive super-eruptions in the Snake River region of Idaho, USA 

2005: Charlotte Vye. Open University funded 
Flow field formation and compositional variations of flood basalt eruptions



GL4100 MGeol project supervisor

GL3106 Planetary geology (Cosmochemistry)

GL3101 Dissertation supervisor

GL3100 Second and third year Independent projects (module co-ordinator, mapping supervisor, and field mapping training fieldcourse lead)

GL2101 Intro to geochemistry (module co-ordinator)


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