Professor Susan Page

Professor of Physical Geography


Professor Susan Page’s research focuses on peatland ecosystems, both in the UK and the tropics, focusing on peatland land use and management, including consequences for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and land subsidence. She has been a partner in several multinational research programmes and is currently investigating the environmental impacts of agricultural land uses on peat soils, including the burdens caused by peat fires in Indonesia. She has a strong interest in opportunities for climate change mitigation that ensure beneficial outcomes for people and planet. 

Professor Page applies multidisciplinary geographical approaches to developing more responsible management of global peatlands. This requires a more in depth understanding of the trade-offs between environmental impacts and social and economic development. This has involved working with rural communities in several parts of Indonesia and in the UK in an effort to reduce peatland carbon losses and greenhouse gas emissions, whilst also determining pathways for livelihood security under improved peatland management. 

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