Sue Page

Administrator to BHF Chair of Cardiac Surgery

School/Department: Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2188



As Team Administrator Sue provides professional and confidential administrative support for Professor Murphy and the team. She provides an effective service and is the administrative organiser of the group's public events organising British Heart Foundation site visits and PPI (Patient and Public Involvement) meetings. Sue liaises with international conference organisers and networked collaborators regarding upcoming events relevant to the research group. Sue is currently overseeing the National Cardiac Surgery Clinical Trials Initiative and works alongside the chairperson for the National PPI group. Sue is also a member of the British Heart Foundation Research Accelerator Award Management Team


Aortic Dissection Awareness Day UK 2019

A Delphi Conference Experience to inform research on thoracic aortic disease screening.

Being able to prevent aortic dissection (an often-fatal condition that causes a laceration of the main artery of our body) may be possible if we find the correct approach to perform the right test in the right patients. Planning a complex study to evaluate this approach required a collaboration between patients and clinicians.

We worked with Aortic Dissection Awareness UK & Ireland to set up one of the biggest experiences of public and patients involvement in cardiac surgery research. The event attracted 130 delegates with a mixture of patients, carers and clinicians with guest speakers Amy Yasbeck from the John Ritter Foundation, USA and Dr Dianna Milewicz, President George H.W. Bush Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine, Vice Chair, Department of Internal Medicine and Director, John Ritter Research Program.  The questions and the suggestions we collected will prove invaluable to formulate a research proposal for a national trial in the next year.

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