Dr Steve Levene

Honorary Lecturer


I worked as a GP in inner-city Leicester for 29 years with special interests in teaching pain management and diabetes. I then became involved in population research and was awarded ed a PhD by published work in 2019.


Population Health using published data to examine relationships between variables describing medical and non-medical factors of populations the socio-economic environment health interventions and outcomes.



Levene L.S., Donaldson L.J., Brandon S. How likely is it that a district health authority can close its large mental hospitals? Br J Psychiatry. 1985 Aug; 147: 150-5.

Levene L.S., Baker R., Bankart M.J.G., Khunti K. Association of Features of Primary Health Care With Coronary Heart Disease Mortality. JAMA 2010; 304(18): 2028-2034. 

Levene L.S., Bankart J., Khunti K., Baker R. Association of Primary Care Characteristics with variations in mortality rates in England: An Observational Study. PLoS ONE 2012. 7(10): e47800. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0047800

Levene L.S., Baker R., Khunti K., Bankart M.J.G. Variations in coronary mortality rates between English primary care trusts: observational study 1993-2010. J Pub Health 2015. doi:10.1093/pubmed/fdv162

Levene L.S., Baker R., Wilson A., Walker N., Boomla K., Bankart M.J.G. Do variations in NHS practice payments in England reflect population health needs? Br J Gen Pract Published Online First: 22 November 2016; doi: 10.3399/bjgp16X688345

Levene L.S., Baker R., Walker N., Wilson A., Williams C., Bankart M.J.G. Predicting declines in perceived relationship continuity using practice deprivation scores: a longitudinal study in primary care. Br J Gen Pract 2018 [Published 8 May 2018]; doi:

Levene L.S., Baker R., Bankart M.J.G., Wilson A., Baker R. How healthcare may modify the effects of health determinants on population outcomes: the Leicester SEARCH conceptual framework for primary care. Br J Gen Pract Open 2018; bjgpopen18X101603. doi:

Levene L.S., Baker R., Bankart M.J.G., Walker N., Wilson A. Socioeconomic deprivation scores as predictors of variations in NHS practice payments: a longitudinal study of English general practices 2013-2017. Br J Gen Practice 2019 [Published 18 June 2019]; doi:

Levene L.S., Coles B.D., Gillies C.L., Shabnam S., Zaccardi F., Khunti K. Predictors of hypertension detection in English general practices: a cross sectional study, J Pub Health 2021 [Published 13 January 2021]; fdaa224; doi:



Public Health primary care related


Medical Undergraduates: Clinical Reasoning and Computationally Intensive Medicine modules


• 1978 MB BChir University of Cambridge

• 1978 MA University of Cambridge

• 1985 MRCGP (UK)

• 2004 FRCGP (UK)

• 2019 PhD by Published Work (University of Leicester) 

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