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Emeritus Professor of Solar-Planetary Physics

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Trained at Imperial College London (BSc (Special) 1st Hons ARCS PhD DIC) in the 1960s and 70s eventually rising in 1980s and 90s to become Professor of Space Plasma Physics and Head of the Space & Atmospheric Physics Group in the Blackett Laboratory. Moved to become Head of Radio & Space Plasma Physics Group at Leicester in 1995 and now partially retired to undertake personal research. Much involvement over the years in national research-related funding committees (SRC SERC PPARC STFC) as well as international bodies fostering collaborative links (e.g. IAGA EISCAT NASA ESA). Research has attracted the award of the Chapman and Gold Medals of the Royal Astronomical Society the Bartels Medal of the European Geophysical Union Fellowship of the American Geophysical Union Fellowship of the Institute of Physics and Fellowship of the Royal Society of London.


I undertake theoretical work and related data analysis concerning the outer plasma environments of the planets initially the Earth and latterly the gas giant planets Jupiter and Saturn. The main focus is on the large-scale holistic behaviour of these systems resulting from their interaction with the solar environment on the outside i.e. the solar wind outflow from the Sun and the planetary atmospheric properties on the inside (e.g. composition ionization rotation rate). The data analysis aspect relates principally to data derived from international spacecraft missions such as the Cassini mission at Saturn & Juno at Jupiter.


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Theory & data analysis related to the outer plasma environments of the planets.


Now retired from undergraduate teaching.

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