Dr Silvia Pazzi

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

School/Department: Business School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 294 4661



I joined the University of Leicester in 2013. I received my undergraduate and master degrees in Business Administration at the University of Bologna Forli Campus (Italy). In 2012 I completed my PhD in Business Administration (with specialisation in Accounting) at the University of Pisa (Italy). In 2014 I became Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and in 2015 I obtained my Postgraduate Certificate in Academic and Professional Practice.


"My research interests are in the areas of public sector accounting and accountability NGO accountability financial reporting and analysis accounting quality. Grants:  November 2019 - October 2020 - Seedcorn Research Funding Scheme by BAFA (British Accounting and Finance Association) in cooperation with ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and the HM Treasury. Project: “Accounting for trust in governmental reporting”. PI: Svetlova E.; CI: Pazzi S.; Amount awarded: £2944 The project supports the HM Treasury’s efforts to enhance public trust in governmental reporting. It aims to investigate whether this can be achieved through better risk disclosure and accessibility re-usability and presentation of accounting data.  October 2017 - July 2018 - College Research Development Fund University of Leicester. Project: “Shaping local government financial reporting: starting from the citizens” PI: Pazzi S. CI: Svetlova E.; Amount awarded: £4870 The project explores ways of enhancing public accountability and building up a dialogue between local authorities and citizens through open data initiatives. "



Pazzi S. and Svetlova E. (2021) ""NGOs public accountability and critical accounting education: Making data speak"". Critical Perspective on Accounting - Special Issue Critical Perspectives on NGO Governance and Accountability. Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print DOI:; (Available online since 20 September 2021)

Svetlova E. and Pazzi S. (2021) ""Accounting for trust in governmental reporting"" - Final Report on the grant received by BAFA (British Accounting and Finance Association) in cooperation with ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and the H.M. Treasury. The final report was published in February 2021 on the ACCA's website:

Pazzi S. Tortosa-Ausina E. Duygun M. and Zambelli S. (2016) The cost efficiency of water utilities: when does public ownership matter? Local Government Studies 42:6 980-1003.

del Sordo C. Farneti F. Guthrie J. Pazzi S. and Siboni B. (2016) Social reports in Italian universities: disclosures and preparers’ perspective Meditari Accountancy Research Vol. 24 Issue: 1 pp.91-110.

Siboni B. del Sordo C. and Pazzi S. (2013) Sustainability reporting in state universities: an investigation of Italian pioneering practices. International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development (IJSESD) 4(2) 1-15.

External engagement

  • Svetlova E. and Pazzi S. (2020) Presentation of ""Accounting for trust in governmental reporting. Initial findings"" at the H.M. Treasury Users-Preparers Advisory Group 25 September 2020 (online).
  • Svetlova E. and Pazzi S. (2020) Presentation: ""Improving user trust in public sector financial reporting"" Government Finance Function Festival 30 September 2020 (online).


"Public sector accounting and accountability Financial reporting and accounting quality "


"• MN7241 Financial Statement Analysis (MSc Finance) • MN7391 Financial Statements: Theory Practice and Critique (MSc Accounting and Finance) • MN7244 Accounting Analysis and Valuation: Public and Private Sector (MSc Accounting and Finance) • BSc Accounting and Finance Dissertation Supervisor • Personal tutor • Coding Club coordinator "

Press and media

"Public sector accounting and accountability Financial reporting and accounting quality"


"• Svetlova E. and Pazzi S. (2021) “Risk reporting and trust in the central government: an assessment of the current practice presentation at the 11th International EIASM Public Sector Conference online 27th and 28th September 2021. • Presentation: Pazzi S. and Svetlova E. (2019) ""Vision voice and legitimacy: a case of an Italian NGO"" presentation at the Charities Non-profits and NGOs: (re)building trust and legitimacy Queen's Centre for Not-for-profit and Public-sector Research (CNPR) Queen's University Belfast UK 3-4 September 2019. • Pazzi S. Svetlova E. (2019) ""NGOs public accountability and educational engagement The Case of Open Polis and Open Bilanci"" presentation at Research Day on Critical Perspectives on NGO Governance and Accountability Centre for Research into Accounting and Finance in Context (CRAFiC) UK 1 May 2019. • Pazzi S. Svetlova E. (2018) ""Re-shaping and explaining local governments' calculative practice. The Case of Open Bilanci"" presentation at New Public Sector Seminar Calculative Practice and the Shaping of Public Services Edinburgh UK 8-9 November 2018."
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