Dr Sarir Sarmad

Mass Spectrometry Experimental Officer

School/Department: Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of



I am an analytical chemist and biochemist specialising in mass spectrometric workflows with 20 years of experience as a research scientist/post-doctoral. I did BSc in Nutrition at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and Ph.D. in Neuroscience at University of Nottingham. During Ph.D. I investigated the release and synthesis of endocannabinoids in rat cortical slices; in vitro (pharmacological interventions) and in vivo (Microdialysis) with an analytical approach; accurate quantification of endocannabinoids by LC-MS/MS.


My research focuses on the application of mass spectrometry (MS)-based methods and advanced analytical approaches on biological complex matrices in order to investigate the molecular basis of biochemical pathways (metabolic pathway profiling). It mainly involves the need to analyse multi-component mixtures of molecules often present in a complex matrix at very low concentrations. I am particularly interested in studying biomarkers of disease and drug discovery using both targeted and un-targeted MS-based global metabolite profiling.



Thomas L. Ingram, Freya Shephard, Sarir Sarmad, Catherine A. Ortori, David A. Barrett, Lisa Chakrabarti. (2020) Sex specific inflammatory profiles of cerebellar mitochondria are attenuated in Parkinson’s disease. AGING 2020, Vol. 12, (17), 17713-17737. Doi:10.18632/aging.103937.



Analytical techniques and Sciences: HPLC UPLC Mass spectrometry LC-MS or LC-MS/MS method development for quantification of small molecules sample prep and purification analytical validation data analysis and data interpretation.


I have thought the following modules at School of Chemistry University of Lincoln (2017-2019): Practical separation course to MSc Students (CHM9011M) Practical mass spectrometry course (CHM9011M) Lecturing pre-lab session for chiral separation and enzyme kinetic resolution (CHM3004M) Lecture on fundamentals of mass spectrometry to first year students (CHM1006M) Lecture on interpretation of mass spectra-(CHM1006M) Workshop on interpretation of Mass spectra-(CHM1006M)


PhD in Neuroscience/Biomedical Sciences, University of Nottingham (Part-time 2003-2011)
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