Dr Sarah Johnson

Lecturer in Practice / Research Fellow

School/Department: Geography Geology & The Environment, School of



I am a Lecturer in Practice and Research Fellow at the School of Geography Geology and the Environment. I specialise in remote sensing and geospatial data focusing on monitoring human interaction with the land environment. I joined the University of Leicester in 2014 after many years working in the commercial geospatial services industry and have over 20 years’ experience working in the UK space sector. I have strong interests in building interdisciplinary partnerships with academic and non-academic partners working on scientific activities as well as on socially relevant topics with social scientists. I have a PhD in “High resolution polarimetric imaging of biophysical objects using synthetic aperture radar” from the University of Sheffield (available at


My research is focused around the use of remotely sensed and geospatial data for applications related to the land environment. In particular, I am interested in:

The link between environment and human health, currently focusing on issues related to greenspace and greenspace descriptors

Land cover/land use change mapping, especially with respect to long term multi-decadal change.

Water and hydrology, including flooding, soil moisture and wetlands.

Agricultural applications of remote sensing including livestock behaviour and impacts of climate change on agriculture.

Methods for establishing user requirements for remote sensing based services.

Interactions and scattering mechanisms between radar signals and natural targets on the Earth's surface.


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