Dr Sandro Sozzo

Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Applications in Social Science

School/Department: Business, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 294 4692



I (MSc PhD FHEA) joined the University of Leicester in 2013. I am associate professor at the School of Business in the Department of Economics Finance and Accounting (EFA) and I am also director of the Centre for Quantum Social and Cognitive Science (IQSCS). In 2017 I obtained the Italian scientific qualification for the position of Full Professor. I am managing editor of the Springer-Nature journal Foundations of Science and secretary of the International Quantum Structures Association (IQSA). I am author of more than 90 contributions including several articles in high impact and top journals. I organized various international conferences presented more than 60 communications and was invited to give lectures in UK US Canada EU Russia and China. In 2013 I was conferred an Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award by the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics for my research. I also received a Superstar Award in 2016 2018 and 2020 by the Students' Union for my teaching. I was invited as visiting professor in various EU institutions. I acted as Deputy Director of Internationalization and Director of PGT Finance Programmes.


My research interests are truly interdisciplinary and mainly concern the interface of natural and social sciences. I have provided substantial and pioneering contributions in the development of novel mathematical models in cognitive psychology with relevant applications in decision-making under uncertainty economics and finance. I am guest editor of 6 special issues including volumes in the “Journal of Mathematical Economics” “Journal of Mathematical Psychology” “Theoretical Computer Science” and “Frontiers in Psychology”. I organized the Biennial Conference on Quantum Structures which took place in Leicester July 11-15 2016. I also organized the Fudan-New York-Leicester Symposium on Quantum Probability and Its Applications in Economics Leicester 3-4 July 2017. I am investigator in the Consortium “QUARTZ” (Quantum information Access and Retrieval Theory) involving seven institutions which was funded by the EU Marie Curie Innovative Training Network.


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I have successfully completed supervision of UG PG and PhD students including joint supervisions at the Universities of British Columbia UBC Brussels VUB and Ghent. Research themes for PhD dissertations include: - Quantum models in cognitive and social science - Alternative approaches to decision theory - Violation of expected utility theory in economics: Allais Ellsberg and Machina paradoxes - Violations of rationality and the foundations of human thought - Decision-making in medicine: A new research program - Towards a quantum-based theory of information retrieval and natural language processing


Strategic Financial Management (MSc Finance) Financial Option Pricing (MSc Finance and Accounting & Finance) Foundations of Finance (BSc Accounting and Finance Year 1) Management Tutorials (BA Management Studies Year 1) Derivatives (BSc Accounting and Finance Year 3) Derivative Pricing I (BSc Accounting and Finance BA Management Year 3) Derivative Pricing II (BSc Accounting and Finance BA Management Studies Year 3) Quantum Models for Cognitive and Social Scientists (CSSAH Doctoral Research Training) Strategic Financial Management (Flexible Learning MSc Finance) Financial Risk Management (Flexible Learning MSc Finance)
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