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Principal Scientist

School/Department: Respiratory Sciences, Department of

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I hold a degree in applied Biochemistry and then read for a PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Leicester graduating in 1997. Translating research on cilia for direct human benefit is paramount in my endeavour. I lead the laboratory team diagnosing Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia in the midlands and north of England for the NHS. I am fascinated by human ciliopathies and their mechanisms in leading to human disease. My work focuses on the interaction of human respiratory epithelial cilia with infectious agents.


Funding for our research is predominantly from the Department of Health. Our work has led to many discoveries of new genes that when mutated cause PCD. We study the mechanisms of ciliary function and the internal structure of the cilia. To do this we deploy a number of specialised techniques such as high speed video microscopy nasal nitric oxide measurement primary cell culture immunohistochemistry and transmission electron microscopy. We are able to also use these techniques to further study the interactions of the cilia with infectious agents and to determine the effect of environmental changes on ciliary function. We are ambitious to further translate our work to understanding more about ciliary function in other diseases of the respiratory tract including (but not limited to) Asthma COPD Bronchiectasis and Cystic Fibrosis.


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Primary ciliary dyskinesia and ciliary function in disease


Masters project supervisor and marker.

Press and media

Primary ciliary dyskinesia


European BEAT PCD network European Respiratory Society British Thoracic Society


European Respiratory Society 201520172018; Cilia Mucociliary interactions conference 2019


BSc (Hons) Applied Biochemistry PhD Pharmacology
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