Professor Richard Holland

Head of Leicester Medical School and Professor of Public Health Medicine

School/Department: Leicester Medical School

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3022



I qualified in medicine in 1991 from Cambridge and Oxford.  Junior doctor jobs took me from Oxford to Bristol, Bath, Torbay and Australia, including work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. On my return to the UK I entered Public Health, working in Somerset before moving to Cambridge and subsequently UEA. I was awarded an MRC Fellowship in 2001 and have gained almost £4 million as a principal investigator and over £10 million as a co-applicant, principally funding randomised controlled trials in pharmacy practice and substance misuse. 

I have always had a passion for teaching, playing an active role in UEA's new, innovative integrated medical course. I became its Course Director in 2008 and Deputy Head of School in 2012. I was appointed Head of Leicester Medical School in 2017 and have worked with our excellent team to deliver a new curriculum designed by Nick London et al with a strong focus on clinical apprenticeship training. Despite COVID we have bedded in the new curriculum, grown our intake by over 30%; made gains in student satisfaction (now top 10), and improved preparedness of our graduates.  

My national roles have included Chair of the Diplomate exam (previously known as Part A, MFPH), for the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) and I now chair the Diplomate Exam Development Committee, FPH.


I am a Health Services researcher with a focus on randomised controlled trials of pragmatic interventions and systematic reviews. My research has focused on pharmacy practice, particularly assessing extended roles for pharmacists; and substance misuse - notably supervised consumption in opiate dependence, and more recently the roles e-cigarettes in smoking cessation and relapse prevention in collaboration with Prof. Caitlin Notley and other colleagues at UEA. My most recent major award was a large 5-year NIHR programme grant with Prof. David Wright and colleagues, testing the effectiveness of a pharmacist independent prescribing intervention within care homes across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.



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114. Holland R, Smith R, Harvey I, E. Lenaghan, Swift L.  Measuring quality of life in the elderly, a direct comparison of the EQ-5D and AQoL: Health Economics 2004; 13 793-805.

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119. Holland R, Harvey I, Shepstone L. An analysis of predictors of success in Part II MFPHM, J Public Health Med 2002; 24 58-62. 

120. Bhattacharya D, Aldus C, Barton G, Bond C, Charles, I, Fleetcroft R, Holland R et al. Do not initiate medication organisation devices without prior detailed medication review and vigilant monitoring. BMJ Letter: 


I have co-supervised a number of PhDs, and am currently co-supervising a PhD, by Rachel Lewis alongside Prof Tarrant and Prof Armstrong, investigating "Pharmacist-led medication reviews for older people within a care home setting: achieving a person-centred approach."


I have always had a passion for teaching and played an active role in UEA's new innovative integrated medical course. I became its Course Director in 2008 and Deputy Head of School in 2012. My team successfully navigated a period of student growth, enhanced standards of admission, teaching quality and assessment, and re-designed the final two years' curriculum to establish a longer student assistantship. By 2015 UEA graduates were reporting that they were some of the best prepared in the country, alongside high levels of student satisfaction.

I was appointed Head of Leicester Medical School in 2017 and have worked with our excellent team to deliver a new curriculum designed by Nick London et al, with a strong focus on clinical apprenticeship training. The new curriculum has bedded in well, whilst simultaneously we have grown our intake by over 30% growth, made gains in student satisfaction (now top 10 in UK), and improved the preparedness of our graduates. 

Aside from my undergraduate role, I chaired the Part A exam for the Faculty of Public Health (the first stage knowledge exam in Public health training); I now chair the Diplomate Exam Development Committee, and I have trained many academic clinical Public Health trainees.

Press and media



Chair, Diplomate Development Committee (2019-): this committee oversees all developments in the Diploma Examination (i.e. Part A), FPH.  I took over this role on demitting from my role as Chair of Part A.  I have introduced a publicly available annual report summarising the psychometric performance of this exam.

Chair, Trial Steering Committee, EXPO trial (2019-), Kings College, London: trial led by Prof. John Marsden and Dr Mike Kelleher

Public Health England (PHE) appraiser (2013- ): I undertake public health appraisals for PHE, alongside the appraisal work I do within Leicester.

Medical Schools Council roles:

  • I alternate with Head of College to represent Leicester at Medical Schools Council (MSC), at the Council of Deans meeting.
  • I represent our School at the MSC Educational Leads meetings
  • I am the Medical School Council's representative on the Foundation Programme review group of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. 


  • Sept 2021 Faculty of Public Health, President's award
  • Dec 2019 Faculty of Public Health Service award
  • May 2014 Faculty of Public Health Service award
  • Sept 2006 Society for Social Medicine (SSM): Best plenary presentation, Leeds, SSM annual conference
  • Nov 2003 Carlile Prize: Norfolk & Norwich Med Chi Society


  • Undergraduate medical education
  • Public Health training
  • Health services research: notably pragmatic RCTs of health service interventions in pharmacy practice, and substance misuse (e-cigarettes)


Higher Education qualifications:
May 1988 BA, 2.1, Cambridge University
Jul 1991 BM BCh, Oxford University
Nov 1998 DPH, distinction, Cambridge University
Jun 2005 PhD, University of East Anglia

Additional post-graduate qualifications/examinations:
May 1995 Part II, Fellowship Royal College of Anaesthetists and DA (from 1997)
Mar 2001 Membership, Faculty of Public Health
Jun 2007 Fellowship, Faculty of Public Health
Jan 2003 Membership, Institute of Learning and Teaching (by assessment) - now FHEA

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