Professor Richard Ambrosi

Professor of Space Instrumentation and Space Nuclear Power Systems


Science, Instrumentation, Technology, Automation, Productivity. The ‘space economy’ as the next frontier for cooperation and exploitation. Professor Ambrosi – our resident expert in space exploration - leads on these key issues for the space sector, as part of his teaching and research at the University but also as a key national and international space advisor. 

His astonishing portfolio of research has contributed enormously to the ongoing conversation of how the UK government can achieve its goal of tripling the size of the UK space sector by 2030.  

Professor Ambrosi’s aim is to assist - with transforming the space sector from space 2.0 to space 4.0 - bringing the space sector into a time when there is an increased number of diverse space actors around the world and when collaboration between academia and the private sector, can play a key role in making space exploration more accessible to all. 

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