Dr Pierre Monforte

Associate Professor of Sociology

School/Department: Media Communication and Sociology, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2780



I am a Political Sociologist with research interests in the fields of social movements studies migration and citizenship and European studies. Before joining the University of Leicester in 2011 I completed my PhD at the European University Institute (2008) and I was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Montreal (2009-2011). In my research I focus primarily on civil society and social movements with a particular emphasis on movements of migrants and for migrants' rights. I have carried out empirical research on the mobilizations of asylum-seekers refugees and migrants in France Germany Canada and at the European Union level from a comparative perspective. I examine theoretical and empirical questions on immigration citizenship European politics and the representation of interests at various levels of governance in a context of europeanization. Recently I have worked on migrants' experience of the citizenship test in Britain and on questions related to volunteering humanitarian action compassion and hospitality in the contexts of austerity policies and the 'refugee crisis'.


Funded research projects:

The transformative capacity of blood donation among ethnic minorities

Research team: Lesley Hustinx (University of Ghent PI) Pierre Monforte (Co-I)

Duration: 2020-2024

Funder: Flanders Research Foundation (FWO) £330K


Exploring the frames of altruistic action: A comparative analysis of volunteers’ engagement in British and French pro-asylum charities

Research team: Pierre Monforte (PI) Estelle D'Halluin (Université de Nantes Co-I) Gaja Maestri (University of Leicester PDRA) Elsa Rambaud (Université de Nantes PDRA)

Duration: 2017-2020

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (ES/N015274/1) £410K


The UK citizenship process: Understanding immigrants' experiences

Research team: Leah Bassel (PI) Pierre Monforte (CoI) David Bartram (CoI) Barbara Misztal (CoI)

Duration: 2013-2017

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (ES/K010174/1) £439K


The effects of the Life in the UK test

Research team: Leah Bassel Pierre Monforte

Duration: January 2012 - September 2012

Funder: College of Social Science Research Development Fund University of Leicester £1000.




Monforte, Pierre (2014), Europeanizing Contention. The Protest against 'Fortress Europe' in France and Germany, Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Bartram, David, Poros, Maritsa and Monforte, Pierre (2014), Key Concepts in Migration, London: Sage.


Wittock, Nathan, Pierre Monforte and Lesley Hustinx (2021, online first), 'Missing minorities in blood donation: Revisiting European blood procurement as a citizenship regime, Health.

Monforte, Pierre, Maestri, Gaja and D'Halluin, Estelle (2021), ''It's like having one more family member': Private hospitality, affective responsibility and intimate boundaries within refugee hosting networks', Journal of Sociology 57(3): 674-689.

Monforte, Pierre (2021), 'Protesters' emotional work in contexts of marginalisation: The emancipation of 'forced migrants' in Germany', Antipode, 53(2): 445-464.

Bassel, Leah, Monforte, Pierre and Khan, Kamran (2020), 'Becoming an Active Citizen: the UK Citizenship Test', Ethnicities, 21(2): 311-332.

Bassel, Leah, Monforte, Pierre, Bartram, David and Khan, Kamran (2020), 'Naturalisation policies, citizenship regimes, and the regulation of belonging in anxious societies', Ethnicities, 21(2): 259-270.

Maestri, Gaja and Monforte, Pierre (2020), 'Who deserves compassion? The moral and emotional dilemmas of volunteering in the 'refugee crisis', Sociology, 54(5): 920-935.

Monforte, Pierre (2020), 'From compassion to critical resilience: Volunteering in the context of austerity', The Sociological Review, 68(1): 110-126.

Monforte, Pierre, Bassel, Leah and Khan, Kamran (2019), 'Deserving citizenship? Exploring migrants' experiences of the 'citizenship test' process in the United Kingdom', British Journal of Sociology, 70(1): 24-44.

Bassel, Leah, Monforte, Pierre and Khan, Kamran (2018), 'Making political citizens? Migrants' narratives of naturalization in the United Kingdom', Citizenship Studies, 22(3): 225-242.


Monforte, Pierre and Maestri, Gaja (2021), 'Keeping it private or making it political? 'Soft repression' and the depoliticization of everyday conversations among pro-refugee volunteers', in Donatella Della Porta and Elias Steinhilper (Eds.), Shrinking Spaces for Migrant Solidarity: Repertoires of Criminalisation and Resistance, London: Routledge.

D'Halluin, Estelle, Maestri, Gaja, Monforte, Pierre and Rambaud, Elsa (2021), 'Comment (ne pas) Juger des Réfugiés? Déstabilisation et Réévaluations des Cadres du Mérite chez leurs Soutiens, in Laura Ruiz de Elvira and Sahar Aurore Saeidnia (eds.), Les Mondes de la Bienfaisance: Une Approche Comparative des Pratiques du Bien, Paris: Editions de l'EHESS.

Monforte, Pierre (2019), "From 'Fortress Europe' to 'Refugees Welcome': Social movements and the political imaginary on European borders", in Cristina Flesher Fominaya and Ramón Feenstra (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary European Social Movements, London: Routledge.

Monforte Pierre (2019) “La Crise de l’accueil au Royaume Uni: Redéfinition des frontières et maintien à distance des exilés” in Annalisa Lendaro Claire Rodier and Youri Lou Vertongen (eds.) La Crise de l’Accueil: Frontières Droit Résistances Paris: La Découverte.

Monforte Pierre and Morales Laura (2018) “The Participation mobilisation and political representation of migrants in Europe” in Agniezka Weinar Saskia Bonjour and Lyubov Zhyznomirska (eds.) The Routledge Handbook on the Politics of Migration in Europe Abingdon: Routledge.



I am happy to supervise PhD students interested in political sociology with particular interests in social movements immigration or European studies. I am particularly interested in supervising students using qualitative methods and comparative approaches.



SY1025: Race Ethnicity and Racisms in Britain

SY3092: Social Movements and Collective action (Module convenor)

SY3042: Undergraduate Research Project Postgraduate

SY7035: Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis (Module convenor)

SY7005: Masters dissertations (Module convenor)

Supervision of Masters and PhD Theses

Press and media

Social movements migration and citizenship.


I am a member of the Board of the CES Research Network on Social Movements and a member of the Consortium on Social Movement Studies (COSMOS). I serve on the Peer Review College for the ESRC.


BA (University Strasbourg 2); MA (University Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne); PhD (European University Institute Florence); FHEA.
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