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I joined Leicester in June 2018 from Loughborough University. I have extensive experience of research and teaching across international management human resource management and work & employment. I am a lead member of CRIMT, a leading international research partnership researching globalisation and work, and am organiser of the “Institutional Experimentation for Better Work” network of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. I sit on the editorial board for the International Journal of Human Resource Management and am an adviser to the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions


Most of my research focuses on multinational companies examining both the changing nature of global management and the ways in which the disruptions to national and local business systems caused by corporate globalisation shape the decisions of managers social actors and policy makers.

I am currently working on a large project on “globalizing actors in multinationals” funded by the ESRC with colleagues from Loughborough UEA Seoul National University and the University of Montréal. This project investigates the ways in which individuals with international roles in multinationals create and diffuse norms affecting the management of human resources across Europe North America and East Asia and shows the changing nature of global management particularly the dynamics of virtual global teams.

I am also a lead researcher of the major international research partnership project “Institutional Experimentation for Better Work” based at the University of Montréal and funded by the Canadian SSHRC which brings together more than 150 researchers in a dozen countries researching responses to the multiple disruptions currently facing the regulation of work and employment worldwide.


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I am interested in supervising doctoral research across most aspects of international and comparative human resource management employment relations and organisation studies. I am particularly interested in supervising research which engages with institutional or field theory or which applies “slow” approaches to comparative research.


MN3104 International Business

MN2144 Globalisation and skills

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