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I joined the University of Leicester in 2011 as part of the department of Media and Communication in which I was Head of Department from 2012-2015. Before joining Leicester I spent five years at Brunel University where I was deputy head of the school of social sciences. At University College London I taught and researched in social psychology with an interest in communication and media. My PhD is from the University of Oxford and my undergraduate degree from University College London.


My research over the past thirty years has explored a number of aspects of social identity experience and its relation to the media. The main themes of my work have encompassed questions of the relation between social identity and consumer culture engagement in public life through the media cultural difference identity and social interaction in social media and the role of media regulators in public life. My research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council UK the European Commission and through a number of consultancy research projects and has been published in six books and I am currently writing a new book on Goffman and the Media.



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Media audiences Social media media and social theory media regulation


I mainly teach on masters programmes including Media and Advertising and also contribute to PR modules and a number of undergraduate modules

Press and media

Social Media Media Regulation Media events and audiences
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