Dr Paul Lee



Dr Paul Lee is an Epidemiologist/Statistician in Department of Health Sciences Univerisity of Leicester. Before joing UoL he is an assistant professor in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He obtained his Bachelor and Ph.D. degrees in statistics from the University of Hong Kong.


Dr Lee’s research interests include physical activity healthy lifestyle epidemiological methods and data mining. He has published more than 140 papers in these areas. He is on the editorial board of Scientific Reports BMC Medical Research Methodology and Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal. He maintains the R package pmr (probability models for ranking data).



Lee, P. H., Tse, A. C. Y. (2017) The Diagnosis Checking of Statistical Analysis in Randomised Controlled Trials Indexed in PubMed. European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 47(11), 847-852.

Lee, P. H. (2016) Examining the Error of Mis-specifying Nonlinear Confounding Effect with Application on Accelerometer-Measured Physical Activity. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sports, 88(2), 203-208, 2017.

Lee, P. H., Tse, A. C. Y. (2017) The Quality of the Reported Sample Size Calculations in Randomised Controlled Trials Indexed in PubMed. European Journal of Internal Medicine 40, 16-21.

Lee, P. H., Burstyn, I. (2016) Identification of Confounder in Epidemiologic Data Contaminated by Measurement Error in Covariates. BMC Medical Research Methodology 16, 54.

Lee, P. H. (2016) Impact of Covariate Adjustments on Study Power and Effect Size Estimation in Randomized Controlled Trials. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 76, 137-146.

Lee, P. H. (2013) Data Imputation for Accelerometer-measured Physical Activity: The Combined Approach. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 97(5), 965-971.

Lee, P. H., Stewart, S. M., Lun, V. M. C., Bond, M. H., Yu, X. N., Lam, T. H. (2012) Validating the Concord Index as a Measure of Family Relationships in China. Journal of Family Psychology 26(6), 906-915.

Lee, P. H., Yu, P. L. H. (2012) Mixtures of Weighted Distance-based Models for Ranking Data with Applications in Political Studies. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 56(8), 2486-2500.

Lee, P. H., Macfarlane, D. J., Lam, T. H., Stewart, S. M. (2011) Validity of International Physical Activity Questionnaire Short Form (IPAQ-SF): A Systematic Review. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 8, 115.

Lee, P. H., Yu, P. L. H. (2010) Distance-based Tree Models for Ranking Data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 54(6), 1672-1682.



Epidemiology physical activity and sedentary behaviour systematic review and meta-analysis

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