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Panicos Demetriades

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Panicos Demetriades, Professor of Financial Economics at the University of Leicester School of Business, is a leading academic in the field of financial fragility with work spanning the economies of over 100 countries.

Professor Demetriades is well known for his tenure as Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus from 2012-2014, during which time he guided the country through one of Europe’s worst financial crises and oversaw a major restructuring and recapitalization of the Cypriot banking system using modern bank recovery and resolution tools.

The medium- and long-term implications of COVID-19 on the global economy is not yet known, but with the academic and real-world expertise of academics such as Professor Demetriades there is an opportunity to mitigate against the most damaging financial impacts by supporting the responses of central banks.


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  • EC2032 Intermediate Macroeconomics 2
  • EC7093 Principles of Banking
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