Nimit Chawla

Research Associate KTP MISO ULSB

School/Department: Business, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)7510 443 592



After working in R&D department of company working closely with applications of Data Science in sensors field. I followed more dedicated path of learning by completing my MSc degree in Data Analysis for Business Intelligence from University of Leicester. Continuing on my learning curve I joined ULSB in 2021 to work on Research Project funded by Innovate UK.


I am working on Knowledge Transfer Partnership program funded by Innovate UK. This project aims in creating Machine Learning solutions for Fin-tech based company Draycir. During final project of my Master's degree I closely worked on Deep Neural Networks and Image classification.


Automated Market Research ML based systems

Press and media

Data Processing

Machine learning models and their usage.

Application on Neural Networks in real world scenarios.

How to look towards business problems in Data terms.


Data Science club


KTP associate conference Sheffield 2021


PythonR Matlab. I am interested in working with Sensors and usage of Data Science in the field of I.O.T.


MSc Data Analysis for Business Intelligence 2019-21

B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering 2017-21

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