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Professor in Social Science applied to Health

School/Department: Population Health Sciences Department of

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"Dr Nicola Mackintosh is a Professor in Social Science applied to Health. She has a background in critical care nursing and is a graduate of King’s College London. Her research uses sociological theory and methods to bring new understandings to patient safety and improvement science research. Before she joined SAPPHIRE she worked in the NIHR King’s Patient Safety and Service Quality (PSSQ) Research Centre leading ethnographic research exploring the management of complications in maternity and acute care. Her PhD examined the construct of ‘rescue’. She then moved to the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine followed by the Centre for Implementation Science at Kings College London. She was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship within King’s Improvement Science to study patient and family contributions to safety. Nicola has continued to develop her substantial track record in patient safety and improvement research since joining SAPPHIRE. Her current research addresses patient safety cultures and response systems for escalation of care; the role of digital technologies in shaping patient-provider roles; and patient responsibilities around self-diagnosis and self-triage linked to self-care and patienthood. Nicola is SAPPHIRE Deputy Research Group Lead. "


"Nicola was a Panel Member for Research for Patient Benefit Programme (RfPB) East Midlands Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) (2019-2023). She is a reviewer for NIHR Board (HS&DR) (ethnography and qualitative methods). Her current grants include: • N Mackintosh (PI), N Armstrong, E Boyle, C Tarrant, J Anderson, P McParland, T Padden. PremPath: Improving the optimisation and stabilisation of the preterm infant 2023-2025 NIHR PRP • N Mackintosh (PI) C Tarrant N Armstrong ‘Enabling safety culture development practices across maternity and neonatal services’ 2021-3 NHSE/I • P McCulloch (PI) G Bond-Smith A Ghaferi L Kenward C Peden N Mackintosh R Baker L Yao R Lilford et al. RESPOND study (Rescue for Emergency Surgery Patients Observed to uNdergo acute Deterioration 2020-2025 NIHR PGfAR"


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"Nicola is Health Sciences Pathway Lead for Health and Wellbeing ESRC Doctoral Training Programme. Current/completed PhD students: Wendy Carter ‘A qualitative study of factors which influence help seeking by women who develop pre-eclampsia and the response of health care workers’, Health Foundation Studentship, KCL awarded August 2018; Jo Dickens ‘Understanding Multidisciplinary approaches and Parental Input in perinatal mortality REview (the UMPIRE Study)’, University of Leicester; Rebecca Stevenson ‘Patient safety in complex systems: developing and applying ‘Safety II’ in multidisciplinary care for younger people with eating disorders’, ESRC Studentship, University of Warwick; Vimbai Mamombe ‘Breastfeeding support for mothers’ of late preterm infants and their babies: The role of healthcare workers’, University of Leicester; Helen Elliott-Mainwaring ‘The role of visual management tools for the coordination of teams in healthcare’, THIS Institute Doctoral Studentship, University of Leicester; James Van Oppen ‘Development and validation of a patient-reported outcome measure for older people with frailty and emergency care needs’, NIHR Doctoral Fellowship, University of Leicester awarded Aug 2023; Merissa Hickman 'Maternal and paternal futures: responsibilisation practices in the preconception period to ensure health outcomes for babies', Wellcome Trust studentship, University of Leicester; Paul Garvey 'Workload, Staffing and Patient Safety in Healthcare: Examining Practices and Contexts', NIHR PSRC 


"Nicola’s teaching interests include qualitative research methods, patient safety, ethnography, healthcare improvement and implementation science. She is Qualitative Methods Module lead (and was past Programme lead) for the MRes in Applied Health Research and Course lead for the University of Leicester’s ‘Ethnography for Healthcare Improvement Summer School’. She teaches on the MSc in Quality and Safety in Healthcare. She is Senior Tutor for Health Sciences. She has contributed previously to Advanced Qualitative Methods; MSc Implementation Science; Older Person’s Nurse Fellowship; Design and Evaluation of Complex Interventions; and Doing Social Science Research in Healthcare Settings at King’s College London."

Press and media

Nicola was interviewed on 9th March 2016 BBC Radio 4; Thinking Allowed; Patient rescue and resuscitation linked to publication: Mackintosh N. & Sandall J. (2015). The social practice of rescue: the safety implications of acute illness trajectories and patient categorisation in medical and maternity settings. Sociology of health & illness. Volume 38 Issue 2 Pages: 252-269

She was also on local radio in Leicester in 2019 and 2020 promoting her research on Red Flags and symptom checkers for self-diagnosis in maternity


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